My Sacred Yoni Steam
My Sacred Yoni Steam
My Sacred Yoni Steam


My Sacred Yoni Steam

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My Sacred Yoni Steam

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115 Fern Street
Gerringong NSW 2534


 A hand blended, organic yoni steam abundant in healing herbs & florals, intended to cleanse & protect your sacred vessel, while deeply nourishing your devine feminine essence.

 May we re-member our innate strength & power.

 Yoni ~ a sanskrit word meaning sacred place or temple, referring to your womb space and reproductive organs

 You can also use this blend as a facial steam, a tea & a bath tea.

 7 serves ~ 1/2 cup per serve



Calendula - known as the “flower of the sun”, vibrant calendula is a potent tissue healer, with anti inflammatory properties, gently softening & soothing local tissue, helping your yoni to feel supple & fresh. Calendula has anti-fungal properties which may help to relieve itchiness.

Chamomile - this daisy like flower with delicate, sweet & floral notes is antibacterial & may help to fight bacteria, helping to keep your yoni balanced.

Lemon balm - this cheery, aromatic botanical is versatile & appreciated widely for its many therapeutic benefits. It is antibacterial, helping to fight bacteria - keeping your vagina happy, healthy & clean. Lemon balm’s tissue healing properties can help to keep the gentle and delicate skin of your yoni soft & supple.

Sage - this energetically cleansing herb works wonderfully at easing fogginess & refreshing both mind & senses. A soothing herb to both lighten & protect your spirit. Sage also has antiseptic properties which may help to gently heal & soothe irritation.

Lavender - wonderfully aromatic & assists in calming & relaxing the central nervous system, helping to ease feelings of stress & anxiety. Lavender also enhances circulation & relaxes muscles. Its antibacterial properties can help to keep this delicate area happy & healthy.

Rose - delightfully aromatic & romantic, this flower is beneficial for enhancing the bodies circulation & helps to open the heart chakra - improving ones connection with themselves, others and the universe. Perfect for calling forth the devine feminine within.

Rosemary - considered a cognitive stimulant, helping to improve memory. It is also symbolic of remembrance , allowing us to tap into our body and re-member our devine and innate wisdom. Rosemary is said to increase creativity & sensitivity, while repelling negative energy.


Handmade in beautiful Gerringong, Lumaraki is founded by Tayla Barker and Gemma Denniss. They began studying Herbalism at the beginning of 2020 as a result of their curiosity of natural health, medicine and self care. Their collection is vegan, handmande and natural and organic where possible and ethically sourcing their ingredients to reduce their footprint on the environment.