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Flippers / Fins

Flippers / Fins

Whether you call them bodyboard flippers or bodyboard fins, they do the same job. A good bodyboard fin helps you by elongating your form in the water beyond the length of your board, helping you get up and stay up on waves for longer. And who doesn’t want that?

At Natural Necessity, we’ve been scouring to find the best surfing and bodyboarding gear for over three decades. If you’re ready to step up your boogie boarding game with a pair of flippers designed specifically for the job. Thanks to a firmer ridge and less flexibility than swimming or diving flippers, bodyboard fins are shorter but still super powerful for when you need it. Check out our range of bodyboard flippers for sale today to start seeing the difference new fins can make to your bodyboarding skills!

Everything you need to get out on the waves

As well as our range of bodyboard flippers for sale, you’ll find everything you need to enjoy the surf in Natural Necessity’s online store. Whether you’re a grommet or a seasoned master of the swell, we’ve got the board and surf gear for you. 

A huge range of surfboards

With a team of staff that have decades of experience, we’re here to help you with anything you might need. Our range of surfboards covers beginning level first boards, all the way up to full customisable pro-level short and longboards that won’t break the bank.  We’ve got everything you need for surf hardware, from ankle leashes to fins, traction pads and surf wax. 

Brands you can trust at affordable prices

At Natural Necessity, we proudly stock a range of bodyboard flippers from trusted brands like DMC and premium 100% Australian owned brand Limited Edition. Our bodyboard fins range is made from high-quality materials like formulated Malaysian natural rubber and super soft silform, with stiff rail features that cut through the water to give you maximum power and propulsion with minimal drag in the water, and smart designs that will save your feet from chafing or discomfort.

Discover bodyboard flippers for sale and more at Natural Necessity

Shop online today for surf gear, clothing and accessories from our huge range of surf, skate and streetwear brands and experience the difference of a genuinely family-owned, Aussie business. Since the 70s, Natural Necessity has made a name for itself as a surf shop with an affordable range and atmosphere you’ll love. Need help with our order? Drop us a line or come in and see us in-store at our massive two-storey location in beautiful Gerringong, NSW! Shop online today and receive free delivery on any orders over $99.