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Sun Bum

It all started in 2009 when a group of friends sitting on Cocoa Beach, Florida, realised they didn't know the ingredients in their sun care products. After conducting some research, they found out most products contained questionable ingredients and had misleading claims. Instead, they wanted to design a product that was simple, effective, and actually good for your skin. And that’s how Sun Bum was created.



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sun-bum-baby-bum-spf-50-mineral-lotion-37-50350 sun-bum-baby-bum-spf-50-mineral-lotion-37-50350
Sun Bum Signature SPF 50+ Lotion 88ml Sun Bum Signature SPF 50+ Lotion 88ml
Revitalizing Coconut Argan Oil Revitalizing Coconut Argan Oil
Browning Lotion 250ml Browning Lotion 250ml
Browning Lotion 250mlSun Bum
Sale price$22.99
Sun-Bum-Mineral-SPF-50-Sunscreen-Lotion-88ml-27-62350 Sun-Bum-Mineral-SPF-50-Sunscreen-Lotion-88ml-27-62350
Sun-Bum-Mineral-SPF-30-Face-Tint-50ml-27-62330 Sun-Bum-Mineral-SPF-30-Face-Tint-50ml-27-62330
Sun-Bum-Blonde-Purple-Conditioner-80-41117 Sun-Bum-Blonde-Purple-Conditioner-80-41117
sun-bum-blonde-purple-shampoo-80-41107 sun-bum-blonde-purple-shampoo-80-41107
sun-bum-blonde-tone-enhancer - 80-41120 sun-bum-blonde-tone-enhancer - 80-41120
Sun Bum Coco Lip Balm Pina Colada
Sun Bum Surf Paste Sun Bum Surf Paste
Sun Bum Surf PasteSun Bum
Sale price$25.99
Sold out
Baby Bum Shampoo & Wash Natural Fragance Baby Bum Shampoo & Wash Natural Fragance
Sold out
Sun Bum Protecting Heat Protector PP NA NA Sun Bum Protecting Heat Protector PP NA NA
Sun Bum SPF50 Spray
Sun Bum SPF50 SpraySun Bum
Sale price$23.99
Sun Bum SPF50 Lotion
Sun Bum SPF50 LotionSun Bum
Sale price$23.99
Sun Bum SPF15 Pineapple Lip Balm Sun Bum SPF15 Pineapple Lip Balm
Sun Bum SPF15 Browning Oil 251ml Sun Bum SPF15 Browning Oil 251ml
Sun Bum SPF Pomegrante Lip Balm
Beach Formula 3 in 1
Beach Formula 3 in 1Sun Bum
Sale price$17.99
Sun Bum SPF30 Spray
Sun Bum SPF30 SpraySun Bum
Sale price$23.99

Made from natural, plant-based ingredients and backed by science, Sun Bum's mission is to provide people with quality sun care products good for you and the environment. They don't use focus groups, make decisions in a boardroom, hide ingredients or make bogus claims. They're just a group of friends who know what works and what doesn't, and they're stoked to share it with you!

Sun Bum sunscreen

When you're out and about, you want to make sure your skin is protected from the sun. But there’s not much worse than the feeling of thick and sticky sun protection products on your skin, is there? Luckily, Sun Bum has created a line of products that meets this challenge and more. And they're not just designed for outdoor lovers, they’re made by them too!

The Sun Bum sunscreen range includes SPF 30 lip balm, SPF 50 sunscreen, tanning oil spray, and after-sun cool down lotion. The products are all vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, so you can feel good about using them.

When you’re outdoors under the harsh rays of the sun in Australia, Sun Bum lotion will keep your skin protected from both UVA/UVB rays while enriching your skin with Vitamin E — an antioxidant that helps to neutralise free radicals, the main cause of premature skin ageing.

The rest of their rad range

In addition to their protective sunscreen and lip balm, Sun Bum boasts an awesome range of other products too. From Sun Bum Cool Down Spray for quick skin hydration to Sun Bum hair products, including shampoo, conditioner and styling surf paste, their range truly has it all. Whether you love spending time at the beach or prefer sticking to land, Sun Bum will have your skin protected and your hair looking great.

The best place to buy Sun Bum and more in Australia

Just like the founders of Sun Bum, the team at Natural Necessity are also crazy about the outdoors. So, if you’re looking for everything you need to have fun and stay safe in the sun, look no further than our collection. With beach bags, shade products, towels and accessories, you’re sure to find just what you need for every outdoor adventure. Browse our range online today and enjoy quick and convenient shipping all across Australia.

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