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Surf / Board Covers

Keeping your surfboard protected when you travel or store it is critical because this can be a significant investment, and picking out a quality surf bag is a must. We stock an exclusive line of surfboard covers from dozens of reputable brands, and this ensures that you're getting a quality surfboard cover when you shop at our shop.

If you'd like to come in and find the perfect surfboard travel bag, we invite you to stop by our physical location. We have two levels, and you can take your time browsing through our surf accessories, and you can buy surfboard covers after you find the best one for your board.

We're proud to have over 500 brands available in our shop and online, and we bring years of experience in helping our customers outfit their board with the best items possible to protect them and extend their lifespans. This way, you can be sure that you get a lot of miles out of your surfboard, and this makes them well worth your investment.

You can choose from lightweight or heavy-duty surfboard covers, and some come made out of a stretchy fabric that provides cushion without taking up a lot of additional space. Additionally, we offer both shortboard and longboard covers, and our surfboard travel bags come with handles that make them very easy to carry and load.

We also have several colours and patterns available that range from classic black and chic white to vibrant colours and bold patterns. We'll help you outfit your board with the perfect surf bag. It'll work to protect your board while you're travelling, and it's also a great option to provide an extra layer of protection when it's the off-season.

Since we're always adding to our stock and partnering with new brands, we make it easy for our customers to buy surfboard covers online. If you don't see what you want straight away, you can ask our friendly and professional staff. We'll help you find the best surfboard cover to suit your needs and budget. We also advise you to check back periodically because we're always adding new styles and sizes, and you're sure to find a quality surfboard bag that lasts for years.