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Birkenstocks are known for their iconic look and extremely comfortable and durable sole. Birkenstocks began in 1774 in Germany, with Johann Adam Birkenstock, and by 1896 2 speciality stores in Frankfurt, Germany were selling the flexible footbed insoles we know and love today. By 1932 Carl Birkenstock had entered the business, and started Birkenstock training courses, training more than 5000 specialists in footwear. In 1947 a textbook by Carl Birkenstock focusing on Podiatry was published, introducing and explaining the step-sensory system and the idea of healthy footwear. 
In 1963 Karl Birkenstock introduced the “Madrid” style to the market, and the first fitness sandal with a flexible, deep footbed laid the cornerstone for today’s comfort shoe market. Innovations in manufacturing models in different widths, and depths made Birkenstock the innovative global leader.
The innovation continued, with environmentally-friendly adhesives used in production starting in 1988, and in 1990 modernisation of the manufacturing process led to an energy consumption reduction by more than 90%. By 2014 Birkenstock consolidated it’s various individual companies to create a united Birkenstock brand, which has the core values of healthy sleeping and living, healthy work environment, healthy feet and healthy life setting. Birkenstock’s are comfortable, durable and flexible, and a great addition to any wardrobe.