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Womens Wetsuits

Whether you are a serious surfer or just want to stay in the water longer, find the perfect women’s wetsuit for you at Natural Necessity. We stock all the best brands from all over the world, including Billabong, Ripcurl, Roxy, O’Neill, Ocean & Earth, Patagonia and Sisstr. Our teens and women’s wetsuit range has a variety of sizes and styles for every women’s unique shape and needs. Similarly to our collection of men’s wetsuits, our ladies’ wetsuit range includes some really cool colours and unique patterns. Find your next women’s wetsuit online at Natural Necessity today.



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Patagonia W's R1 Regulator FZ Full Suit Black Patagonia W's R1 Regulator FZ Full Suit Black
W's R1 Regulator FZ Full SuitPatagonia
Sale price$749.95
Ripcurl G Bomb L/SL Spring Hi Cut Black Black Ripcurl G Bomb L/SL Spring Hi Cut Black Black
G Bomb L/SL Spring Hi CutRipcurl
Sale priceFrom $209.99
0060 Green
Dark Navy
Save $24.00
Womens Energy L/SL Spring Womens Energy L/SL Spring
Womens Energy L/SL SpringPeak
Sale price$95.99 Regular price$119.99
Save $46.00
G-Bomb 2.0 LSL Spring 1mm G-Bomb 2.0 LSL Spring 1mm
G-Bomb 2.0 LSL Spring 1mmRipcurl
Sale price$183.99 Regular price$229.99
Oneill-Womens-Psycho-Tech-CZ-Full-3-2mm-550732OA Oneill-Womens-Psycho-Tech-CZ-Full-3-2mm-550732OA
Womens Psycho Tech CZ Full 3/2mmO'Neill
Sale price$599.99
Flashbomb Heatseeker 32Gb FZ Flashbomb Heatseeker 32Gb FZ
Flashbomb Heatseeker 32Gb FZRipcurl
Sale price$749.99
womens-hyperfreak-fire-3-2mm-steamer-chest-zip-wetsuit_5519oa-a00_02_1024x1024_745bd7b9-f544-44fc-82aa-9dc55978ccbe-5519OA womens-hyperfreak-fire-3-2mm-steamer-chest-zip-wetsuit_5519oa-a00_01_1024x1024_492411f2-8e41-4fce-bff2-a99ce0f4138e
Wmns Hyperfreak Fire Cz Full 3/2mmO'Neill
Sale price$549.99
Save $130.00
Atmosea-Front-Zip-Steamer-1-FRONTZIPSTEAMER Atmosea-Front-Zip-Steamer-1-FRONTZIPSTEAMER
Front Zip SteamerAtmosea
Sale price$349.00 Regular price$479.00
Oneill-Womens-Focus-BZ-Sealed-42142OA Oneill-Womens-Focus-BZ-Sealed-42142OA
Womens Focus BZ SealedO'Neill
Sale price$329.99
302 Synergy Bz Full 302 Synergy Bz Full
302 Synergy Bz FullBillabong
Sale price$399.99
Deep Sea
Wild Black
1.0 Swell Series Jacket Qlock 1.0 Swell Series Jacket Qlock
1.0 Swell Series Jacket QlockRoxy
Sale price$169.99
Anthracite Paradise
Wmns D/Patrol 4/3 Cz Wmns D/Patrol 4/3 Cz
Wmns D/Patrol 4/3 CzRipcurl
Sale price$499.99
Save $74.00
Wmns Hyperfreak Cz Ls Spring 2Mm Wmns Hyperfreak Cz Ls Spring 2Mm
Wmns Hyperfreak Cz Ls Spring 2MmO'Neill
Sale price$295.99 Regular price$369.99
Womens FlashBomb 32GB Steamer Womens FlashBomb 32GB Steamer
Womens FlashBomb 32GB SteamerRipcurl
Sale price$649.99
403 Wmn Furnace Natural Zl 403 Wmn Furnace Natural Zl
403 Wmn Furnace Natural ZlBillabong
Sale price$799.99
Black Sands
Womens Bahia 3mm Split Toe BootsO'Neill
Sale price$79.99
Save $50.00
Roxy-Womens-2mm-Swell-Series-Short-Sleeve-Springsuit-Black-ERJW503027 Roxy-Womens-2mm-Swell-Series-Short-Sleeve-Springsuit-Anthracite-Paradise-ERJW503027
2.0 Swell Series Spring Suit BZ QlockRoxy
Sale price$199.99 Regular price$249.99
Anthracite Paradise
Save $54.00
Roxy-Womens-2mm-Swell-Series-Long-Sleeve-Springsuit-Black-ERJW403054 Roxy-Womens-2mm-Swell-Series-Long-Sleeve-Springsuit-Anthracite-Paradise-ERJW403054
2.0 Swell Series LS BZ QLockRoxy
Sale price$215.99 Regular price$269.99
Anthracite Paradise
Save $20.00
O'neill-Womens-Factor-BZ-Spring-Suit-2mm-50432OA O'neill-Womens-Factor-BZ-Spring-Suit-2mm-50432OA
Womens Factor BZ Spring Suit 2mmO'Neill
Sale price$79.99 Regular price$99.99
   Atmosea-FrontZip-Jacket-FRONTZIPJACKET    Atmosea-FrontZip-Jacket-FRONTZIPJACKET
Front Zip JacketAtmosea
Sale price$190.00
Save $50.00
   Atmosea-Springsuit-Boy-Leg-SPRINGSUITBOYLEG    Atmosea-Springsuit-Boy-Leg-SPRINGSUITBOYLEG
Springsuit Boy LegAtmosea
Sale price$200.00 Regular price$250.00
Save $50.00
   Atmosea-Spring-suit-check-SPRINGSUITCHECK    Atmosea-Spring-suit-check-SPRINGSUITCHECK
Springsuit CheckAtmosea
Sale price$200.00 Regular price$250.00
ONEILL-WomensPsychoTechCZFull43mm-5507OA ONEILL-WomensPsychoTechCZFull43mm-5507OA
Psycho Tech CZ Full 4/3mm SteamerO'Neill
Sale price$649.99
Save $40.00
Oneill-Bahia-2mm-Long-Sleeve-Mid-Spring-Suit-Wetsuit-Aloha-4859OA Oneill-Bahia-2mm-Long-Sleeve-Mid-Spring-Suit-Wetsuit-Navy-Tropical--4859OA
Bahia Back Zip Long Sleeve Mid Spring 2mmO'Neill
Sale price$159.99 Regular price$199.99
Navy Tropical

Find the perfect women’s wetsuit or swimsuit for you

At Natural Necessity, we have one of the biggest selections of women’s wetsuits in Australia. That means that we are bound to have the right one for your specific needs. If this is your first time buying one, you might find the wide variety of female wetsuits available on the market overwhelming. So here is a short summary of the different types of women’s wetsuits that we stock to help you make an informed choice:

  • Rash vests and surfsuits — Also called rashies, rash vests are made from a lightweight fabric that dries quickly and offers protection against sun exposure and abrasion rashes. Surfsuits are simply rashies in a bodysuit design. These tops are ideal for enjoying the water, exercising on the sand and surfing in warm weather. Bear in mind that they are not designed for warmth as they are very lightweight.
  • Wetsuit tops and vests — Made from neoprene, these wetsuit tops for women will keep chilly wind and the damaging sun rays at bay. They come in various thicknesses, from 0.5 to 1.5mm, and in slip-on, half zip or full zip vest styles. Women’s wetsuit tops are perfect for early mornings, late nights and between sets when the wind could make you cold.
  • Spring suits — Women’s spring suits come in various combinations of short to no arms or legs and different thicknesses — between 0.5 and 2mm. They are for… you guessed it: spring! And autumn, chilly summer days and other days when the water or wind is neither overly warm nor cold.
  • Steamers — If you are serious about your surfing or live somewhere where the water is cold most of the year, you need to invest in a women’s steamer. As the name says, they are designed to keep you warm in most conditions. The two most common thickness combinations are 3/2mm, for a more versatile steamer, or 4/3mm, for the dead of winter and the dawn patrol enthusiasts. These women’s wetsuits are available with different zip closures, such as back zip (BZ), chest zip (CZ) or front zip (FZ) and zip-free (ZF) options.
  • Wetsuit accessories — Whether it is to prevent the sun or cold from damaging you, the reef from hurting your feet or the wind from giving you surfer’s ear, our wetsuit accessories have you covered. From surf caps and hoods to gloves, booties and dive socks, you can get neoprene accessories for your whole body.

Shop for women’s wetsuits and more at Natural Necessity

Have fun in the water all year long with the right women’s wetsuit. Remember, to prolong the life of your new wetsuit, don’t forget to rinse it in fresh water after every use, hang it to dry in the shade and repair any accidental damage as soon as possible with a wetsuit repair kit. With free shipping on all orders over $99 and hassle-free returns or exchanges, we make ordering your new women’s wetsuit easier than ever!

Need a hand making a choice? Call us on (02) 4234 1636 or get in touch with us online. Our staff is highly knowledgeable and would love to help you find the best wetsuit for your needs, whether in-store, over the phone or online.