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Infuse your home with a refreshing aroma or tranquil scent to create any atmosphere with the range of candles, diffusers and incense holders from Natural Necessity. From tropical scents that bring the beach right into your home to invigorating citrus notes that are perfect for setting the mood for a great day and calming aromas to promote relaxation and sleep, you’ll love our diverse online range of candles in Australia.



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Apotheca 400gm Candle - Crisp Sea Mist
Urban-Rituelle-Apotheca-220ml-Diffuser-Crisp-Sea-Mist Urban-Rituelle-Apotheca-220ml-Diffuser-Crisp-Sea-Mist
Urban-Rituelle-Apotheca-140gm-Candle-Velvet-Rose Urban-Rituelle-Apotheca-140gm-Candle-Velvet-Rose
 Analyzing image     Urban-Rituelle-Apotheca-400gm-Candle-Velvet-Rose  Analyzing image     Urban-Rituelle-Apotheca-400gm-Candle-Velvet-Rose
Urban-Rituelle-Apotheca-220ml-Diffuser-Velvet-Rose Urban-Rituelle-Apotheca-220ml-Diffuser-Velvet-Rose
Urban-Rituelle-Apotheca-140gm-Candle-Honey-Blossom Urban-Rituelle-Apotheca-140gm-Candle-Honey-Blossom
urban-rituelle-Art-of-Flowers-140gm-Candle-Mimosa urban-rituelle-Art-of-Flowers-140gm-Candle-Mimosa
urban-rituelle-Art-of-Flowers-400gm-Candle-Mimosa urban-rituelle-Art-of-Flowers-400gm-Candle-Mimosa
Urban-rituelle-Art-of-Flowers-220ml-Diffuser-Mimosa Urban-rituelle-Art-of-Flowers-220ml-Diffuser-Mimosa
Apotheca 220ml Diffuser - Honey Blossom Apotheca 220ml Diffuser - Honey Blossom
Apotheca 400gm Candle - Honey Blossom Apotheca 400gm Candle - Honey Blossom
Paddywax-Beam-Candle-Persimmon-Chestnut Paddywax-Beam-Candle-Saltwater-Suede
Beam Candle 3 ozPaddywax
Sale price$14.95
Paddywax-Mood-Candle-Joy Paddywax-Mood-Candle-Tranquil
Mood CandlePaddywax
Sale price$34.95
Misted Lime
Saffron Rose
Lush Palms
Ribbed-Borosilicate-Glass-Candle Ribbed-Borosilicate-Glass-Candle
Ripple Glass CandlePaddywax
Sale price$34.95
Tigerlily-Glasshouse-Tigerlily-Tales-of-Tajrish-Candle-T725885 Tigerlily-Glasshouse-Tigerlily-Tales-of-Tajrish-Candle-T725885
Soy & Coconut Wax Candle 400gm Lemongrass Neroli Lime Soy & Coconut Wax Candle 400gm Lemongrass Neroli Lime
Diffuser Set 220ml Lemongrass Neroli Lime Diffuser Set 220ml Lemongrass Neroli Lime
Candle Palm Beach Candle Palm Beach
Candle Palm BeachSunnyLife
Sale price$44.99
Palm Beach - White
DELUXE CANDLEPalm Beach Collection
Sale price$99.95
Glasshouse Tigerlily Viva Tiger Candle Glasshouse Tigerlily Viva Tiger Candle
Glasshouse Tigerlily Deleste Candle Glasshouse Tigerlily Deleste Candle
Palm Beach Diffuser 250ml Palm Beach Diffuser 250ml
Palm Beach Diffuser 250mlPalm Beach Collection
Sale price$44.95
Jasmine & Lime
Salted Caramel & Vanilla
Flourish 400gm Candle - Vanilla, Lavender & Geranium Flourish 400gm Candle - Vanilla, Lavender & Geranium
Rattlesnake Incense Cone Holder
Rattlesnake Incense Cone HolderThrills
Sale price$89.99
Antique Brass

Natural Necessity — your destination to buy candles online

Whether you can’t live without the scent of your favourite candle, or you just like having one on hand to light when guests are visiting, you’ll love the range of aromatic candles from Natural Necessity. Explore the collection and find your favourite fragrance from SunnyLife, Palm Beach Collection, Glasshouse, Thrills, By Charlotte, Tigerlily and more. Shop classic scents and limited edition candles that will burn for hours, filling your home with the fresh scents of the Australian bush, the rich florals of a cottage garden, or the delectable aroma of sea salt and caramel.

In our store, you’ll find the highest quality coconut wax and soy candles that burn cleaner and for longer, keeping you and your family safe as you enjoy their delicate scents.

If you’re looking to buy a diffuser, we offer a beautiful variety of diffusers from brands like Palm Beach Collection and Urban Rituelle that will imbue your home with subtle fragrance while adding an attractive, decorative element. Choose from pure notes like basil, watermelon, vanilla and sea salt, or opt for a blend like coconut and lime, mandarin and basil or lemongrass, ginger and lime.

Offering a non-flammable gentle aroma that can last for months, you’ll love the impact an Australian-made diffuser will add to any room it’s placed in. For an even more enveloping experience, why not try an aromatherapy stone diffuser? The ultra-fine mist carries pure essential oils around your home to soothe, add moisture and remove odours from the air.

Discover the perfect gift today in our online store

Whether it’s to say thank you to a special someone or just a little treat for yourself, Natural Necessity has the perfect range. From our luxurious collection of scented candles to our range of body products, homewares, journals and books, you’re sure to find the ideal gift for that special someone in our collection.

Struggling to decide between products in our range, or need some extra advice before you make your purchase? Not a problem. Our friendly team is here to help. Get in touch, and we’ll help you find the right present for them, no matter what the occasion.