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Bodyboarding is an Aussie favourite. From kids to grown-ups, we all love catching waves on a boogie board. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it doesn’t cost much to get started. If you are looking to buy your first bodyboard or level up to a pro design, you have come to the right place. Natural Necessity has a great range of bodyboards and bodyboard accessories for sale online — take a look for yourself today!



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Zoggs Zoggy Mini Kickboard Zoggs Zoggy Mini Kickboard
Zoggy Mini KickboardZoggs
Sale price$22.00
LE Sylock Fins
LE Sylock FinsLimited Edition
Sale price$69.95
Softech-Mojo-Bodyboard Softech-Mojo-Bodyboard
Mojo BodyboardSoftech
Sale price$99.95
Mango Leopard
Sky Blue Zebra
Seafoam Leopard
Verdigris Zebra
Navy Zebra
Yellow Retro
Velocity Fin
Velocity FinLand & Sea
Sale price$44.95
Redback Traction Skim Redback Traction Skim
Redback Traction SkimLand & Sea
Sale price$69.95
Elite MaxDMC
Sale price$99.95
Nife-N2-Flippers-Navy-Green-N19F2 Nife-N2-Flippers-Black-Orange-N19F2
Nife N2 FlippersNife
Sale price$59.95
Black - Orange
Black - Ice Blue
Navy - Green
LE Fin SocksLimited Edition
Sale price$24.95
LE Blue/GoldLimited Edition
Sale price$69.95
Stealth / Spawn / Ice Blue Deck / Electric Blue Slick / SPAWN41ICBL Stealth / Spawn / Black Deck / Black Slick / SPAWN41ICBL
Stealth SpawnWorld Bodyboards
Sale price$349.95
Ice Blue/Electric Blue
Cool Grey/Gunmetal Grey
dmz-three60-bodyboard-02-9B003 dmz-three60-bodyboard-02-9B003
DMZ Three60Balin
Sale price$219.95
Light Blue
Dark Blue
Sky Blue
NMD Neoprene Flipper Sock NMD Neoprene Flipper Sock
NMD Neoprene Flipper SockNMD
Sale price$24.99
Delta PE Bodyboard Delta PE Bodyboard
Delta PE BodyboardWorld Bodyboards
Sale price$199.95
Royal Blue
Ice Blue
Sold out
The Womper 16" The Womper 16"
The Womper 16"Catch Surf
Sale price$69.99
Hot Pink
Electric Lemon
Razor Bodyboard Razor Bodyboard
Razor BodyboardOcean & Earth
Sale priceFrom $145.00
Pastel Blue
Light Blue
Sold out
Micro Grom EPS Bodyboard Micro Grom EPS Bodyboard
Micro Grom EPS BodyboardNMD
Sale price$29.99
Light Blue - Orange
Green - Green
Royal Blue - Pink
Yellow - Orange
Light Blue-White
Royal Blue-White
Sold out
Grom EPS Bodyboard Grom EPS Bodyboard
Grom EPS BodyboardNMD
Sale price$59.95
Sky Blue / Fluro Yellow
Pink / White
Black/Fluro Green
Deep Sea Green/Fluro Pink
Flyer EPS Bodyboard Flyer EPS Bodyboard
Flyer EPS BodyboardNMD
Sale price$99.95
Light Blue / Fluro Red
Sky Blue / Fluro Yellow
Pink / White
Deep Sea Green/ Fluro Pink
Black/Fluro Green
Deep Sea/Fluro Red
Pink/Fluro Pink
Dark Blue/Fluro Red
Storm EPS Bodyboard Storm EPS Bodyboard
Storm EPS BodyboardNMD
Sale price$119.99
Pink / White
Deep Sea Green/ Fluro Red
Sky Blue / Fluro Yellow
Green / Fluro Green
Light Blue / Fluro Red
Black/ Fluro Green
Deep Sea/Fluro Pink
Sky Blue/Fluro Red
Pink /Fluro Yellow
Sold out
Matrix EPS Bodyboard Matrix EPS Bodyboard
Matrix EPS BodyboardNMD
Sale price$149.99
White / Fluro Red
Light Blue / Fluro Green
Sky Blue / Fluro Yellow
Njoy PE Njoy PE
Sale price$199.95
Black / Aqua
White/Fluro Green
Aqua / Fluro Yellow
Black/Fluro Green
Dark Blue/Coral
Sold out
VS Flame Bodyboard VS Flame Bodyboard
VS Flame BodyboardNMD
Sale price$139.95
Deep Sea Green/ Fluro Yellow
SkyBlue/Fluro Green
Yellow/Fluro Red
Sky Blue/White
Black/Fluro Green
Hydro-Sportz-Hydro-Fin-Original Hydro-Sportz-Hydro-Fin-Original
Hydro Fin OriginalHydro Sportz
Sale price$74.95
Black Charcoal
Adrenalin Dive Sox 3mm

Bodyboards for everyone
When Natural Necessity was founded over 40 years ago, our vision was to bring the best surf products to fellow ocean lovers. Today, our range of bodyboards is carefully selected from all the best brands, with big names like NMD, Stealth, Nomad, Ocean & Earth, Krypt and more.

Whatever your level, we have the perfect board for you. From beginner boogie boards for playing in the flags to professional-level bodyboards to navigate big open caverns, you can count on our products to have the best time.

Everything you need to catch some waves
As a full and extensive bodyboard shop, we stock so much more than bodyboards. We also have an awesome range of bodyboard fins, leashes and all the other accessories you need to take your bodyboarding to the next level. If you want to make sure you won’t lose your board at the end of your ride, grab a bodyboard leash to secure it to your wrist or upper arm. This way, you won’t have to chase after it as it gets pushed all the way to shore after you have fallen off or lost your grip.

And when you are ready to step up your game, investing in some bodyboarding fins is a must. Different from swimming or diving fins, bodyboarding fins and flippers are specifically designed to provide you with maximum power and propulsion. They are shorter and more rigid, too — allowing easier control in the waves, creating less drag and generating more energy with each kick. Buy a pair today and see the difference that bodyboard flippers can make to your skills.

Shop for bodyboards in Australia today
Browse our range of quality and affordable bodyboards, bodyboard fins, leashes and other accessories online today to make your time in the waves a blast. At Natural Necessity, we are committed to providing you with all the best equipment to have fun at the beach for longer. So, before you check out, be sure to grab everything you need, including swimwear, wetsuits, sunglasses, hats and more. If you need any help, please feel free to call us on (02) 4234 1636 or get in touch with us online.

With fast, free* and reliable delivery anywhere in Australia, there is no reason not to shop online today for your new bodyboard and all its accessories.