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Surf Wax

Wax. The smell of summer, that sticky icky stuff that keeps us stuck to our boards through any kind of aerobatics! Situated in the beautiful South Coast township of Gerringong, Natural Necessity Surf is a family owned business with over 35 years experience in the surf industry.



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Creatures-Of-Leisure-Wax-Flexi-Tub-Multi-EWTM24PL Wax Flexi-Tub Multi
Wax Flexi-Tub MultiCreatures of Leisure
Sale price$29.95
Sold out
Cream Wax Cream Wax
Cream WaxCream Wax
Sale price$6.95
FU Wax-Warm
FU Wax-WarmFU Wax
Sale price$9.95
FU Wax-Summer Cool
FU Wax-Summer CoolFU Wax
Sale price$9.95
FU Wax-Cool
FU Wax-CoolFU Wax
Sale price$9.95
Sex Wax Quick Humps Cool Water - Green Sex Wax Quick Humps Cool Water - Green
FCS Surf Wax Cool
Surf Wax CoolFCS
Sale price$5.95
Surf Wax Warm
Surf Wax WarmFCS
Sale price$5.95
Sexwax Christmas StockingSex Wax
Sale price$49.95
Wax Remover
Wax RemoverOcean & Earth
Sale price$24.00
Sex Wax - Car / Air Freshener Sex Wax - Car / Air Freshener
Sex Wax Quick Humps Cold Water - Purple
Sold out
Dream Cream Top Coat Bronze
Sale price$5.00
FLEX COMBOcean & Earth
Sale price$4.50
Sex Wax Quick Humps Tropical - Blue - Natural Necessity
Sex Wax Quick Humps Warm - Red - Natural Necessity Sex Wax Quick Humps Warm - Red - Natural Necessity
Sex Wax Quick Humps Cool Water - Orange - Natural Necessity Sex Wax Quick Humps Cool Water - Orange - Natural Necessity
Natural Necessity Surf has 1000+ surfboards on display and 150 demo Surfboards for you to try before you buy, We have got soft boards for the kids or for a shorey bash, that heat winning shortboard, or a Longboard to get your toes on the nose, we have you covered at all price points!

Natural Necessity Surf has wax for any season, tropical, warm, mid-warm to cool, cool, cold + more across a range of brands, including Sex Wax, Palmers and Organic.

Wax is pretty straight forward, but give us a call anyway! Our guys are always syked to spread the froth! Get on it!

What surf wax to use in Australia?

Which wax to use depends on where you're planning on surfing and the time of year. For cool to cold water found on the coasts of NSW, VIC, SA, TAS and WA during winter and spring we recommend using a cool or cold wax, with a tropical basecoat for extra grip. For warmer waters found in QLD, Northern NSW and Northern WA we recommend using a warm or mid-warm to cool. If you're looking for a wax that will do all year round and in most temperatures. mid-warm to cool is you're safest bet, and we have Sex Wax, Palmers, Organic wax and many more to choose from.

Do you need to wax soft surfboards?

This depends on the type of softboard, if it is made from a PU textured grip you won't need wax, however if the deck is made from PE or HDPE, you will need to wax it before surfing, as this material doesn't provide any grip when wet.

How to wax surf board?

The easiest way to wax a surfboard is to make a cross hatch pattern across the main area where your feet and hands go whilst hopping up, usually in the mid two-thirds of the board.