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Sun Bum

Signature SPF40 Tinted Facestick

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 UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Protection
 High Performance Premium Zinc Formula
 Water Resistant  
✓ 80 Minutes 
✓ Made in USA
✓ We developed our Signature line for the days that we live for
✓ Premium, mineral based sunscreen is specifically designed to offer the very best broad spectrum protection to those who work and play hard in the sun
✓ It will never bleed into your eyes, never make your hands slippery, and won't come off during the most rigorous activities in the water, wind, or blazing hot sun. 
✓ Sun Bum Signature is used and trusted by many lifeguard and beach rescue organisations throughout the U.S., including the Hawaiian Water Patrol, the North Shore Lifeguard Association, and the Eastern Surfing Association.

We're a small company in Cocoa Beach, Florida that started making products for our friends and family. We don't use focus groups, make decisions in a boardroom, hide ingredients or make bogus claims. We're just a group of friends who know what works and what doesn't and we're happy to share it with you.