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RAEN was born in 2009 and is the creative vision of Justin and Jeremy Heit, who saw the opportunity to make premium, handmade eyewear with a clean and classic aesthetic.



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Raen Kostin Twilight Recycled Black Green Polarized Raen Kostin Cava Agave
Sale priceFrom $167.00
Cava/ Agave
Twilight Polarized /Vibrant Brown Polarized
Recycled Black/Green Polarized
Ristretto Tortoise/Smoke
Raen Radio Star Recyled Black Dark Smoke Raen Radio Star Transparent Bottle Green
Radio StarRaen
Sale price$167.00
Recycled Black/ Dark Smoke
Gum/Cool Smoke
Transparent/Bottle Green
Sale priceFrom $168.00
Huru/Green Polar
Recycled Black/Blue
Recycled Black/Green
Nikol SunglassesRaen
Sale priceFrom $181.00
Papaya/Vibrant Brown Polarised
Ginger/Pewter Mirror
Phonos SunglassesRaen
Sale priceFrom $148.00
Huru/Green Polarised
Brut/Bottle Green
Mystiq SunglassesRaen
Sale priceFrom $148.00
Crystal Black/Dark Smoke
Villa/Vibrant Brown
Second Ashtray SunglassesRaen
Sale price$154.00
Honey/Bottle Green
Black/Dark Smoke
Remmy SunglassesRaen
Sale priceFrom $134.00
Matte Brindle Tort/Smoke
Honey/Bottle Green
Champagne Crystal/Green
Ghost/Vibrant Brown Polarised
Dawn/Mink Gradient Mirror
Citrus/Vibrant Brown Polarised
Honey/Green Polarised
Fog Crystal/Bottle Green
Huru/Green Polarised
Crystal Black/Green Polar
Split Moab Tort/Green Polar
Brindle Tortoise/Green
Recycled Black/Green Ploarized
Burlwood/Black Polarized
Myles SunglassesRaen
Sale priceFrom $134.00
Kola Tortoise/Bottle Green
Static/Dark Smoke
Ghost Vibrant Brown Polarised
Crystal Black/Green Polar
Huru/Mikey Feb
Positive Black/Rose
Light Lemon/Brown
Clyve SuglassesRaen
Sale priceFrom $168.00
Espresso Tort/Green Polarised
Absinthe/Vibrant Brown
Adin SunglassesRaen
Sale priceFrom $134.00
Cirus/Vibrant Brown Polarised
Licorice/Dark Smoke
Kola Tortoise/Green Polar
West SunglassesRaen
Sale priceFrom $134.00
Crystal Black/Smoke Polarised
Tamarin/Dark Smoke
Slate Smoke Brown
Kola Tortoise/Green Polarised
Ghost/Green Polar
Hirsch SunglassesRaen
Sale priceFrom $134.00
Seagrass/Hipro Bronze
Crystal Black/Smoke Brown
Pecan Tortoise/Brown Grey
Honey/Green Polarised

Made from premium materials, RAEN sunglasses are designed in California using a unique and customer acetate combination, with every frame built with hand guided cutting and hand polished to finish. Lenses are manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision, these industry leading lenses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection and can be swapped out for prescription lenses to transform your optics. Opticians prefer to work with handmade acetate frames as they can be heated and moulded to achieve the optimum fit. This high grade acetate originates from renewable sources of wood pulp and natural cotton fibres, retaining its colour brightness as the hue is embedded in the material, not sprayed on. The acetate in all RAEN sunglasses also contains ageing stabilisers that prevent fading, yellowing or discolouration from UV light or skin contact.