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Combining with some of the coolest artists in the world, Gorilla has worked hard to cultivate a surfing product that beginners and experienced surfers alike can benefit from. Letting you experience the exhilaration of a great surfing session.



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Geiselman Grip Geiselman Grip
Geiselman GripGorilla
Sale price$59.95
Desert Storm
Blue Thickneck
Skinny Three Grip Skinny Three Grip
Skinny Three GripGorilla
Sale price$54.95
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Skinny Grip Two
Skinny Grip TwoGorilla
Sale price$54.95
Tres Grip Tres Grip
Tres GripGorilla
Sale price$54.95
Camo - Black Mondo
Charcoal Mud
Sand Pink
Kyuss Grip Kyuss Grip
Kyuss GripGorilla
Sale price$59.95
Grey Bolts
Black Bolts
Universe II
Red Warp Check
Green Bolts
Green Race Check
Charcoal Warp Check
The Jane Grip Tailpad The Jane Grip Tailpad
The Jane Grip TailpadGorilla
Sale price$49.95

Designed to make use of lightweight EVA foam with ultra strength glue, Gorilla’s range of grip surf pads hold your feet in a vice-like grip, letting you surf the waves, rather than fall into them.

Thanks to Gorilla, you can say goodbye to surfboard wax and the maintenance it requires. With a hard-wearing grip, you can hit the surf and stay upright with ease. With Gorilla grip surf pads, surfing truly can be the stereotypical laidback activity everyone thinks it is.

Reasons to choose a Gorilla Grip

Gorilla grip surf pads provide an element of comfort to surfing. The grip pads prevent your feet from slipping off the board, giving you a better chance of staying upright and catching waves.

While surf pads prevent your feet from slipping off the board, they also serve as a reminder of where to place your feet to achieve optimal performance. When hopping onto the board, you can simply feel for the spot on the traction pad, immediately getting into the correct position.

Gorilla grip surf pads help your surfing technique and the longevity of your board. By having a thick pad on the end of your board, the grip provides extra protection from the damage and dents feet, knees and heels can inflict on a surfboard.

Choosing the right Gorilla grip for you

Gorilla surf grips aim to cater to every surfer. That’s why they’ve created a range of grips with different grooves and arches. Such versatility means that surfers young and old can benefit from Gorilla’s products.

A Diamond III Grove is a multi-layered forward-facing groove which provides resistance while also allowing for foot adjustments. While the Diamond Groove is a high profile diamond shaped groove with larger spacing that locks your foot into place.

Gorilla also offers an Aztec Groove which is a multi-layered, high resistance groove that promises maximum resistance under the toughest of pressure. Meanwhile, the Tri-Hex Groove is a multi-point grove with larger spacing for foot resistance with added sensitivity.

Arches are very important when it comes to grips. For example, the Copperhead Arch is a narrow ridge design with a high rear point for those performing aggressive turns. While the Spring Arch is a slim, rounded teardrop design for smaller feet.

There is also a Sabre Arch which is a large, tapered square design for larger feet. Finally, Gorilla offers a Barrel Arch which, put simply, is a medium low profile design with softer EVA for a complete performance.

Gorilla at Natural Necessity

At Natural Necessity, our family-owned and run business aims to enhance the Australian coastal lifestyle. We want to bring happiness to people by supplying them with the right equipment- among other things- to help them realise their surfing dreams. Thanks to our range of Gorilla products, we are achieving this aim one grip surf pad at a time.