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Converse is Sneakers. And Converse is Change. We started on the court and got adopted on the street. It became the sneaker of choice for individuals. From All Star to Jack Purcell to CONS, Converse doesn’t confine itself to one style or definition. Be who you want to be in Converse sneakers or clothes. An artist, rebel, rapper, thinker, gamer, skater, smoke jumper, freelance dentist, whatever. If you’re wearing Converse, you know who you are.



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Pro Blaze V2 Low Pro Blaze V2 Low
Pro Blaze V2 LowConverse
Sale price$120.00
CT Cruise Hi CT Cruise Hi
CT Cruise HiConverse
Sale price$150.00
CT Future Archive Hi CT Future Archive Hi
CT Future Archive HiConverse
Sale price$139.95
CT Lift Future Archive CT Lift Future Archive
CT Lift Future ArchiveConverse
Sale price$150.00
CT Seasonal Colour Low CT Seasonal Colour Low
CT Seasonal Colour LowConverse
Sale price$130.00
Eternal Earth
Kids CT Owl Print 1V Low Kids CT Owl Print 1V Low
Kids CT Owl Print 1V LowConverse
Sale price$80.00
Infant CT Owl Print 2V Low Infant CT Owl Print 2V Low
Infant CT Owl Print 2V LowConverse
Sale price$70.00
CT Tectuff Hi CT Tectuff Hi
CT Tectuff HiConverse
Sale price$139.99
Utility Green/ White Black
Converse-Chuck-Taylor-All-Star-1V-Festival-Fashion-Junior-Low-Top-Ultraviolet-A03589 Converse-Chuck-Taylor-All-Star-1V-Festival-Fashion-Junior-Low-Top-Ultraviolet-A03589
Kid CT Festival Fashion 1V LowConverse
Sale price$90.00
CT As Seasonal Canvas Lo CT As Seasonal Canvas Lo
CT As Seasonal Canvas LoConverse
Sale price$119.99
Converse-Chuck-Taylor-All-Star-1V-Festival-Fashion-Toddler-High-Flamingo-A03590 Converse-Chuck-Taylor-All-Star-1V-Festival-Fashion-Toddler-High-Flamingo-A03590
Infant CT Festival Fashion 1V HiConverse
Sale price$80.00
Converse-Chuck-Taylor-All-Star-1V-Summer-SUbmarines-Toddler-High-Top-A03594 Converse-Chuck-Taylor-All-Star-1V-Summer-SUbmarines-Toddler-High-Top-A03594
Infant CT Summer Submarines 1V HiConverse
Sale price$80.00
      Converse-Chuck-Taylor-All-Star-2V-Festival-Fashion-Toddler-Low-Utraviolet-A03597 Converse-Chuck-Taylor-All-Star-2V-Festival-Fashion-Toddler-Low-Utraviolet-A03597
Infant CT Festival Fashion 2V LowConverse
Sale price$80.00
Converse-Infant-Chuck-Taylor-Rave-Festival-Fashion-Decade-Pink-A03635 Converse-Infant-Chuck-Taylor-Rave-Festival-Fashion-Decade-Pink-A03635
Infant CT Rave Festival FashionConverse
Sale price$80.00
Kids Pro Blaze Retro Sport H Kids Pro Blaze Retro Sport H
Kids Pro Blaze Retro Sport HConverse
Sale price$90.00
Converse-CT-Lift-Seasonal-Hi-Egret-Navy-Burnt-Honey-A03829 Converse-CT-Lift-Seasonal-Hi-Egret-Navy-Burnt-Honey-A03829
CT Lift Denim Fashion LowConverse
Sale price$130.00
Egret/Navy/Burnt Honey
Converse-CT-Lift-Elevated-Gold-Hi-2-A05198 Converse-CT-Lift-Elevated-Gold-Hi-2-A05198
CT Lift Elevated Gold HiConverse
Sale price$139.95
Mums Potato Salad/Light Gold/Egret
Converse-CT-Lift-Denim-Fashion-Hi-A03821 Converse-CT-Lift-Denim-Fashion-Hi-A03821
CT Lift Denim Fashion HiConverse
Sale price$130.00
Navy/Egret/Sunrise Pink
CT Malden Mid CT Malden Mid
CT Malden MidConverse
Sale price$119.99
Cyber Grey/Black/White
CT Seasonal Hi Amber CT Seasonal Hi Amber
CT Seasonal Hi AmberConverse
Sale price$120.00
Amber Brew/White/Black
converse-Pro-Leather-Lite-Low-3 / Black / White / Black - A00381 converse-Pro-Leather-Lite-Low-3 / Black / White / Black - A00381
Pro Leather Lite LowConverse
Sale price$130.00
Unisex-Converse-Chuck-Taylor-All-Star-Leather-Low-Top-White-161261 Unisex-Converse-Chuck-Taylor-All-Star-Leather-Low-Top-Black-161261
CT Leather LowConverse
Sale price$119.99
Converse-CTLiftCanvasLow-560250 560250-Converse-CTLiftCanvasLow-white-
CT Lift Canvas LowConverse
Sale price$129.95
Kids CT Easy On 1v Low Kids CT Easy On 1v Low
Kids CT Easy On 1v LowConverse
Sale price$80.00

When it comes to streetwear sneakers, it’s hard to find a more iconic brand than Converse. Beloved around the world for being the classic footwear brand that knows no boundaries it has been celebrated for its versatility for decades. You’ll find a pair of Converse sneakers on the feet of fortune 500 company CEOs and basketball fanatics playing a game of 1-on-1. They’re a classic shoe worn by rock bands sweating on stage, fashionistas playing with the perception of luxury-meets-streetwear and toddlers treading their first steps.

At Natural Necessity we stock a variety of Converse shoes to suit all walks of life. Discover the perfect pair and celebrate your individuality wherever the shoes may take you. When you purchase a pair of Converse sneakers you’ll be welcomed into a legacy of tastemakers, creatives, everyday punters and icons alike who aren’t afraid to let their style take them places.

Designed to embrace your uniqueness

Shop Converse shoes from Natural Necessity and discover a pair of sneakers to embrace your uniqueness. The first thing to decide is whether or not to go low or high with your Converse sneakers. The classic canvas Chuck Taylor All Star hi top sneakers were once worn by basketballers but have now become a staple in modern wardrobes. Pair your hi tops with straight leg denim jeans or show them off with some pattern socks and black shorts. If you’re leaning towards a more subtle design you might want to opt for the low canvas Converse sneakers as they’re a great everyday shoe to wear with jeans, dresses and skirts.

To really let your personality shine make sure to check out our selection of Converse shoes that come in various colourways. Go classic with a black or white pair, or mix it up with a touch of individuality and go for sneakers in red, blue or pink. For those looking to make a statement you might want to try the Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers in all black leather - they’re sleek, bold and ready to go on adventures.

Footwear for all ages

The best thing about Converse sneakers is their ability to be worn and loved by everyone. No matter who you are or what stage of life you’re at, a pair of Converse shoes is always a great choice. At Natural Necessity you can discover shoes for men, women and children in a wide variety of sizes.

Discover Converse sneakers online from Natural Necessity today

Find your perfect pair of sneakers and slip into a pair of Converse shoes by shopping our wide variety of styles, colours and sizes from Natural Necessity. Complete your new look by browsing the latest streetwear, surfwear and beachwear brands for men, women and children and pick up some new threads for your wardrobe. Enjoy free shipping across Australia on all online orders over $99 or drop in to our flagship store in Gerringong where someone from our friendly team can help you with your purchase.