Bond-Eye Swim. If You Don't Know It, You'll Want To.

Bond-Eye Swim. If You Don't Know It, You'll Want To.

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It's truly revolutionary swimwear. Get ready to feel secure and confident.    

 Designed to fit a size XS through to L, with all shapes and sizes in between.  

 Every piece has been artisanally hand-made and knitted using premium European fibres. Plus, it is constructed to allow four-way stretch and instant recovery along the body for statement and security.

Due to the unique stretch of the fabric, most of Bond-Eye's crinkle bikini tops and one-piece swimsuits can fit an A-DD/E cup. Our ultra-flexible fabric means most of the crinkle bikini bottoms can be worn either low, mid or high rise.    


 Now you can buy swim and rest assured that it will be the correct size.

Plus, unsized is making great strides towards being more environmentally friendly. One size means the reduction of excess fabric from offering multiple sizing.   

 They are also reusing fabric off-cuts, with 80% of the range shaped from regenerated nylon derived from pre-consumer raw materials that would ordinarily go to waste. This recycled yarn is manufactured exclusively by a premium Italian mill using leading environmental processes which include reduced carbon dioxide emissions, 100% renewable energy + less water consumption.

Need some advice on what is right for you?   

 You can email us!


115 Fern St, Gerringong NSW 2534


(02) 4234 1636

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