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Creatures of Leisure

Surf Ears 3.0

✓ Earplugs that let sound in and keep water out
✓ Come with changeable parts in different sizes that allow you to customize them for your ears in order to find a comfortable and secure fit
✓ Comes with: 6 sealing gels, 2x size large, 2x size small, 2x size x-small, Two support wings, size small
✓ Improved fit and comfort
✓ Larger range of fitting sizes
✓ Improved water seal
✓ Increased durability
✓ New improved carry case - reusable, environmentally friendly
✓ Failsafe fitting system – left and right colour coded plugs
✓ Reduced usage of plastics  
✓ New improved POS display

We’re a team of professional product designers, engineers and dedicated surfers with more than 25 years on the water. Our team has extensive experience from designing, developing and manufacturing high tech consumer electronics and sports equipment. Combine that with a great passion for water sports and countless hours on the water and you have a recipe for success!

The key requirements for our new product was to protect the ears without affecting important senses like hearing or balance, since they are crucial for surfers and other water athletes. We wanted a product that made it possible you to hear the world around you, communicate easily with other surfers and allowing you to embrace the full experience of surfing. We also wanted product that was so comfortable to use that you could keep it in your ears for hours, without even thinking about it.