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Soft Surf Helmet

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 DMC fins / SOFT SURF HELMET™ SSH™ is a thermoformed headgear with peak and neck protector.  
 Made from non-porous NBR foam encased in nylon elastane the SSH™ is designed to protect reasonable impact in all extreme water sports conditions.  
 It’s  super lightweight - weighing less than 100g and constructed to allow water flow and therefore will not balloon or try to remove your head if face planted in a wave; for example.  
 The SSH™ Flip-Top-Peak™ is unique in which it can remain up or when down will not obstruct vision during duck dive or any underwater activity with momentum. It will also spring back to its peak position when emerging from a submerged position.
 The neck flap is for sun and wind protection keeping you cosy in the winter and those nasty UV rays off when exposed.
DMC’s SSH™ has maximum audio capabilities i.e. you can hear everything necessary for normal surf or water activity.  

The main effective qualities of this product are:  
 Audio (hear waves)
 Buoyancy (float)
 Ear (protect)
 Impact (prevent)
 Heat (keep warm)
 Sun (off neck)
 Glare (flip peak)
 Wind (reduction)

Don was a Professional Fire-fighter and an active member of his local Surf Life Saving Club at Coogee Beach, NSW, Australia; the beach was where he spent all his youth. He was also a strong swimmer who competed in many different sporting events and in 1983 won the title of the World Surf life Saving Body-surfing Champion. Through these endeavours and after several trips to Hawaii in the mid 80’s whilst competing regularly in Body-surfing contests he became interested in water flow & fluid dynamics having spent most of his life either in it, or on it.


XS 52cm
S 54cm
M 56cm
L 58cm
XL 60cm