Blackstix 3.0 Quad Rear Fin Pair
Blackstix 3.0 Quad Rear Fin Pair

Futures Fins

Blackstix 3.0 Quad Rear Fin Pair

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Colour:Smoke / Black / Turquoise
Smoke / Black / Turquoise
Pickup currently unavailable at Natural Necessity Surf Shop

Blackstix 3.0 Quad Rear Fin Pair

Quad Rear / Smoke / Black / Turquoise

Natural Necessity Surf Shop

Pickup currently unavailable

115 Fern Street
Gerringong NSW 2534


 Quad / Small / Pivot Template
 QD2 3.75
 Construction | Blackstix
 Size | Small 
 Ride Number | 8.1


Blackstix fins have been a staple in the Futures line as a reliable way to generate speed and make your board feel more lovely. With two layers of unidirectional carbon to the base of the fins, at an angle that controls how the tip of the fin bends and rotates, allowing the Blackstix 3.0 holds better through power turns while feeling just as springy as Blackstix 2.0. Asymmetrical carbon panels on the inside and outside of the fin, creating a solid, drivey feel. Excluding the asymmetrical carbon from the tip of the fin allows for it to get progressively flexes more as it gets closer to the tip, giving your board a snappy feel. Adding a layer of epoxy resin, which is lighter, tougher, and more resilient than polyester resin, making them some of the lightest and fastest fins in the world. Epoxy also emits 50 – 75% fewer volatile organic compounds than polyester resin, decrease in harmful chemicals in our environment. Featuring the V2 foil, which creates an effortless feeling rail-to-rail linkage, so you can keep speed while setting up big manoeuvres down the line, even when the waves you’re surfing lack power. 


Futures Fins began in a garage in California in 1996, by the Longo brothers who had a reputation for tackling challenging aerospace parts and fabricating hydrogen fuel cells for research. This all changed when they decided to combine their technical know-how with something they both loved – surfing. Keeping it local was important, so Futures is able to dream up a fin, design it, cut it and surf it withing a few hours under the one roof in Huntington Beach. With this ability, they have been able to constantly evolve their designs, to create new feelings and experiences to share with other surfers. They continue to refine and research, creating ride numbers and employing in house engineers to provide the best equipment. Futures fins ethos is about being authentic, challenging the status quo and standing for the evolution of our sport, creating some of the strongest, lightest fins on the market, to create the fins of the future.