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Slater 5 Piece Arch Traction Pad

Charcoal / Black
Black / Charcoal
Black / Blue
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Kelly is committed to sustainability, Slater Designs collaborated with BLOOM Foam to develop the most eco-friendly traction pad on the market today. BLOOM is a high-performance flexible foam made from algae biomass harvested from freshwater sources throughout the world.

✓ 12.65” W x 13.5” H
lat surface mimicking your front foot sensation.
 Cutout strips provide a closer connection
Diamond pegs
 5 Piece pad
 Small centre arch
 3M adhesive backing
 The packaging is made with post-consumer backing, soy-based inks and a biodegradable wrapping.

 Helps improve the quality of waterways
 Recirculates fresh water back into the habitat
 Aids CO2 capture and sequestration
 Reduces our dependence on non-renewable oil

"Firewire believes that the combination of EPS/Epoxy and other high tech materials is where the future of surfboard technology lies. Our goal has always been to combine high performance surfing with increased durability resulting in a more sustainable surfboard that increases the fun factor for everyone who rides them.”– Mark Price, CEO