Dawn Drops
Dawn Drops
Dawn Drops


Dawn Drops

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Dawn Drops

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 A morning facial oil crafted with silky smooth, skin regenerating botanicals to assist in brightening & replenishing the skin, helping to achieve a more dewy, radiant complexion.



Calendula - the flower of the sun. This powerful skin regenerating herb is extremely healing, soothing & softening, making it perfect for sensitive skin. It helps to brighten the skin & reduce redness & age spots, while increasing collagen production, helping to improve skin texture & elasticity, slowing the development of fine lines & the appearance of scars. The gold blossoms of calendula are a signature remedy for skin ailments such as eczema, acne, abrasions, and dermatitis.

Jojoba Oil - works as an emollient to protect & soothe the skin while providing all-day moisture. It is packed with free radical fighting antioxidants & potent vitamins that help to create radiant, healthy skin. Jojoba oils biochemistry is similar to our natural skins structure, allowing it to penetrate deeper. It can replicate or dissolve oil, depending if your skin over or underproduces, helping to balance out sebum production & eliminate breakouts.

Kakadu Plum - this native australian fruit has been treasured in indigenous culture throughout history. It has the highest known vitamin c content of any natural food source in the world ~ making it powerful at reducing the appearance of scarring & hyperpigmentation, resulting in smoother, brighter skin. Packed full of antioxidants, it helps to fight free radicals, stimulate the production of collagen & reduce fine lines & wrinkles ~ improving skin elasticity & hydration for a more youthful, supple appearance.

Carrot Seed - this potent botanical combines collagen-boosting vitamin c, skin-healing vitamin a, brightening vitamin k & nourishing vitamin e, to help smooth skin texture & repair sun damage, dark spots & scars, resulting in healthy, supple & glowing skin. Carrot seed oil contains anti-inflammatory & antifungal bioactive properties due to its primary component, carotol. Over a third of carrot seed essential oil is comprised of this unique compound which helps the skin to fight off harmful bacteria & environmental aggressors while promoting cell regeneration.

Pumpkin Seed - rich in vitamin e & c to nourish & brighten, packed with zinc to heal & repair, sprinkled with powerhouse omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to help balance oil levels - moisturising dry skin & controlling oily skin. The antibacterial & anti inflammatory components of pumpkin seed oil help to keep skin clean, healthy & youthful.

Rosehip - extremely high in essential fatty acids omega 3, 6 & 9, as well as vitamins a & c, this botanical provides skin regenerative properties that assist in healing, lightening & fading scars or blemishes helping to achieve a more even skin texture & tone, while deeply nourishing & protecting the layers of the skin ~ leaving it looking & feeling firm, youthful & bright

Prickly Pear - with the highest vitamin e content of any other plant oil on the market, packed full of vitamin k & essential fatty acids omega 6 & 9, it’s no wonder this potent botanical helps to protect against free radicals, refines uneven skin texture, helps prevent premature ageing & brightens the complexion, all while being easily absorbed into the skin.

Camellia Oil - this botanical vitamin cocktail containing vitamins a, b, c, d, & e, provides deep nourishment, rejuvenation & youth preserving benefits to your skin. Camellia seed oil has a molecular makeup similar to sebum - your skin’s natural oil, ensuring a significantly better & quicker absorption into the deeper layers of the skin. This moisturising, velvety oil is a particularly good choice for acne-prone skin as its lightweight texture will not clog pores or leave a greasy residue on skins surface.

Frankincense - highly esteemed by ancient civilisations, this beautifying oil is used for the most sacred of practices. Frankincense contains boswellic acids that help to kill bacteria associated with acne, helping to keep the skin clean & healthy.

Lavender - this wonderfully aromatic herb contains antiseptic properties that help to fight off bacteria, helping to keep the skin clean & clear. Lavender is extremely soothing to the skin & helps to decrease inflammation, reducing redness.

Sandalwood - greatly valued in ayurveda for its incredible health and beauty benefits, this grounding, woody essential oil has potent anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic & wound healing properties that help to maintain skin radiance.


Handmade in beautiful Gerringong, Lumaraki is founded by Tayla Barker and Gemma Denniss. They began studying Herbalism at the beginning of 2020 as a result of their curiosity of natural health, medicine and self care. Their collection is vegan, handmande and natural and organic where possible and ethically sourcing their ingredients to reduce their footprint on the environment.