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Captain Fin Co

Ellis 7.5 Single Fin - Green

Designed by Ellis Ericson for your garden-variety mid-length board. Ellis has taken a modern-retro approach to his surfing and shaping. Taking what he has learned from the past and applying it to modern day surfboard shapes. Grab your modern 70's mid-length and slide one of these two toned beauties in and hold on tight.

 Construction: Fiberglass
✓ Flex: Medium
✓ Front Height: 7.5 Base: 5.47 Area: 25.3

Recognised as the first company to collaborate with top surfers and artists producing artwork on surfboard fins, Captain Fin has taken its unique aesthetic and applied it to the world of apparel and accessories. With a world-class team and broad network of advocates, Captain Fin keeps the fun alive with their carefree approach while connecting with their fans and keeping the audience entertained.