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Vice 61mm 82A Skateboard Wheels

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Here it is! Arbors new offset freeride wheel - the Vice was built around Arbor's new Groovetube core to deliver versatile slide performance at speed. Choose your line, release with ease, and conquer any surface.

✓ 69mm
✓ CP 35.5mm 
✓ OS 2.0mm 
✓ 80a

Arbor’s new Sugar Formula significantly improves performance and creates one of the longest-lasting wheels on the market. The natural component also reduces, in a small but important way, the petroleum footprint of our wheels. This lessens the environmental impact of urethane left on the roads when skating, especially during slides.

Arbor is a well established core skateboard company serving up some of the most inovative and quality products you can get. They make it their mission to deliver performance, durability, and style in the most responsible way possible. The result must also be of quality and reduced environmental impact.