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Sunovas mission? To create the best possible products without compromise. Almost all big brands have their work out sourced to the same huge factory. Not Sunova, they've run and built their own factory from the ground up, this gives them a serious edge. 

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Ausie Bert Burger started shaping Surfboards over 30 years ago. During this time he made a lot of boards and learned many skills, invented a few cool techs, was a co founder in one of the biggest surfboard companies in the world (Firewire) and fortunately surfed a lot.

Bert had a problem though, standard 'Fiberglass' (PU foam boards) were (still are) disposable. He could never get more than 3 month out of any board he bought or made.
Of course there were stronger constructions around. But messing with the durability issue immediately created 2 more problems with boards: they became to heavy or they lost significant performance. Decades of work later, Bert has solved that problem and his creations are finally available around the world.