Everything you need to get into the water this Winter

Everything you need to get into the water this Winter

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Everything you need to get into the water this Winter! 

Winona Wright

Winter is the best time of year to learn to surf. Why? Because the water is less crowded, waves are more reliable and getting in a nice warm shower afterwards is the best reward. When you’re equipped with the right gear you’ll have longer period swells with better quality waves and more predictable conditions. Learning surf etiquette from the start with less people in the water will make your life easier, no one wants to be the person who drops in on someone else’s wave. 


This might sound obvious but the first thing you’ll need is a board! There are so many boards out there so it can be overwhelming when trying to decide where to start looking, so we have put a small list together to narrow it down for you. Either a longboard or a softboard is the key to get you started. 

Most beginners opt for a softboard, they are safer to learn on and can take quite the beating. You’re bound to fall off a lot while you’re starting out, a softboard will prevent you from hurting yourself too much when this happens! Softboards typically have extra volume, making it easier to get up onto waves and stay on them. 

 Our favourite softboards are the Happy Hour, a stable board for catching extra waves with its full plan shape and extra volume, and the Ezi Rider with its wider nose for easy paddling.

If you’ve done the softboard stint and are ready to take it to the next level, we have the surfboard for you! Torq make some of the most diverse shapes out there, they are durable and built for easy paddling. The Torq TET Longboard and Funboard are two very reliable boards to get you out on the water.

A favourite for a first surfboard is the Torq TET Funboard V+, this board has extra volume to help get you up and standing on those waves while still being able to make turns once your skills improve. The Jumbo Jet SLX Surfboard is another great option that goes well in all conditions. It’s little nose concave creates lift for those heavier surfers, allowing them to nose ride. 

*These boards all come with free fins, leaving you with one less thing to think about!

Happy Hour Softboard

Ezi Rider

Torq TET Funboard V+

Jumbo Jet SLX Surfboard

As for sizes, anywhere from 7’0 to 9’0 is a good ballpark, but check out our volume calculator for a more accurate guide on how many litres you should be riding. Foam is your friend starting out, the bigger the board will make waves easier to catch and manoeuvre. The closer you get to the 7’0 mark will be a bit harder to stand up on your first few surfs but will last you longer as your surfing improves.


If you’re going to get in the water in Winter, you’ll need a good wetsuit! A good fitting wetsuit will keep you warm in the water and be easy to move around in while you surf.

We think the Sisstr 7 Seas 3-2 Back Zip and the Billabong 302 Salty Days Fullsuit are great midrange price options that will give you all the warmth and stretch you need to get out into the water.

If you’re someone who REALLY feels the cold or are expecting to be out in the water everyday, you might need a higher performance wetsuit. Check out the 403 Womens Furnace Comp Chest Zip or the full range here.

The 7 Seas 3-2 Full Chest Zip and the Billabong 302 Absolute FL Back Zip Full are our pick for a suit that will keep you warm and give you the freedom of movement while you’re learning the ropes of surfing.  
 If you’re after an extremely light weight, warm and stretchy suit, the North Seas 3/2 Fullsuit Chest Zip will have you covered. Full range here.


You’ve just bought yourself a brand-new board, the last thing you want to do is damage it! Keep your new board protected with one of our board covers.

Wild Things Boardsock are designed to withstand long days on roof racks or long days in the sun by being UV resistant and water resistant. Perfect for keeping your wax on your board and not on your car seats!

Shop Here

Barry Basic Longboard Cover as the name says, this is your basic everyday cover to go to and from the beach and to store your board in, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Shop Here

Creatures of Leisure Longboard Day Use if you’re after some extra protection while still being lightweight, this is the cover for you.

Shop Here


Now, you’ll need a leash so when you fall off your board it doesn’t head out to sea without you! (You also don’t want to be responsible for a rogue board injuring another surfer in the water). Aim for a leash the same size as your board, so you aren’t restricted and tangled, if you have a 9’0 board go for a 9’0 leash. 
The best bang for your buck is the 8ft Sunset Moulded Leash, this no-nonsense straight forward leash will keep your board close to you (also comes in 7ft or 6ft).
If you think you’ll need a lighter, stretchier and tougher leash, the O&E 8ft Premium One XT Leash will withstand the test of time.
Check out our full range of leash’s here!

Hooded Towels 

It’s cold at the moment and the last thing you want is to be struggling to dry yourself with a small towel out in the cold. Grab yourself a hooded towel to keep you warm and dry! Hooded towels also work great to cover yourself while you’re pulling your wetsuit off you and putting your trackies back on.

Ocean and Earth Ladies Hooded Poncho

Creatures of Leisure Poncho Towel

Ocean and Earth Perfect Storm Hooded Poncho


Last, but certainly not least, you will need some wax – even for your foamy! Wax ensures your feet don’t slip and slide off your board while getting up for that wave.
If you’re in NSW you should be using a Cool to Cold water wax in Winter, our trusty favourite is the Sex Wax Quick Humps Cool to Mid Warm Green.

A new arrival that is biodegradable and made from all-natural ingredients is the Sticky Bumps Wax Cool/Cold. This one is good for the ocean and your board!
Queensland is luckier than us down south, with water being slightly warmer during the Winter months so they can use Sex Wax Quick Humps Cool Water Orange.
Victoria and Tasmania will need wax for colder water, approx. 12 – 16C we suggest the Palmers Cold Water Surf Wax. Southern WA is same as Victoria and the rest of WA same as NSW.
If it’s your first time waxing your board, start with a base coat from FCS.


Fins are essential! All the boards mentioned come with fins but if you would like more information don’t hesitate to contact us at contact@naturalnecessity.com.au for email or call (02) 4234 1636.

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