Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

What to get when you don't know what to get!

Photo credit: Monika Stawowy

Author: Kiara Robinson

Time's running out and you still haven't gotten that special someone a Christmas gift? Never fear, Natural Necessity is here! Here's some quick and easy gift ideas for him or her, whether its your partner, sibling, cousin or work friend, we've got the guide for you! 

Top 5 Gifts for the Ladies:

1. We have a range of Axel & Ash Journals, with customised and beautiful variations, featuring inspiring quotes and themed journals. Whether they've got the travel bug, have bucket list aspirations or after the timeless and popular 'Pause Journal', this gift is a sure winner! 

Photo Credit: Axel & Ash

2.  Nothing brightens a room like a lovely fragrance, and we have so many options to choose from! Whether it be a funky little Palm Beach set (Pictured below), or the gorgeous new Tigerlily candles, all of them come in beautiful packaging, conveniently pre wrapped Christmas presents!

Photo credit: Kiara Robinson

3. Give the gift of good skin this Christmas! There are many beauty products out there, but nothing is more important than protecting our skin from the harsh rays of the sun, we recommend gifting good, reef-safe sunscreen, it's practical and a great gift to give! A great sunscreen we recommend is the Feel Good Inc, which comes in a gorgeous coconut scented variation, and even has a sensitive skin option

Photo credit: Wearefeelgoodinc

4. Got to gift for an active individual? Hydro Flasks are a great gift for anyone, especially those prone to leaving their water bottle in a hot car! By the sweet miracle of double walling, Hydro Flasks will hold the temperature of your beverage for up to 24hrs! They come in all shapes, sizes and colours, so you can be sure to find something for everyone, shop the range here.

Photo credit: Kiara Robinson

5. If they've got a pair of swimmers and live near a beach, they'll be in constant need of a towel! We love Mayde towels, as they use natural cotton, with majority of their range being hand loomed in a gorgeous range of colours and patterns. Whether it be a light Turkish towel - good for those on the go, or a thicker weave that can double as a picnic blanket, Mayde towels are a perfect and thoughtful gift! 

Photo credit: @kioo_jewellery

Top 5 Gifts for the Guys:

1. We've made some assumptions here and recommend this gift for the lover of surf, whether they're a beginner or have been surfing all their life! The NSW Surf Quest poster is a great gift, with scratch it spots for each beach, we guarantee this one will go down a treat. Check it out here!

Photo credit: NSW Surf Quest

 2. A great stocking stuffer (literally) is the Sex wax Christmas stocking! A great gift for any surfer, this stocking is full of wax, wax tools, stickers and a candle, perfect for any lover of surfing, and practical too! Check it out here, limited stock available!

Photo credit: Kiara Robinson (Model: Kyah Buchert)

3. Another great gift for the guys is a trusty tin of Surfmud! Surfmud is a natural zin based cream, reef friendly and guaranteed to stay on during a surf! After great success with their zinc's, Surfmud have expanded their natural and Australian made range to sunscreen, so if they've been using Surfmud for a while, surprise them with the sunscreen! Handy, practical, and reef friendly! 

 4. If you know a surfer, you've probably heard of the dreaded Surfer's ear, a defense mechanism to high exposure to water, where bone deposits grow in the ear causing painful infections and hearing loss! Thankfully Creatures of Leisure have developed a handy little product called Surf Ears, which are plugs to keep water out and let noise in when surfing. With customisable parts in every packet, surf ears come in a reusable and durable pouch, making this one a thoughtful and handy gift for any surfer this Chrissy. Grab a pair here!


Photo Credit: @hushoots

5. Know a family man? Or anyone who loves to keep a few bevvies cool at the beach? There's a great refrigerated tote bag from Rhythm which is a perfect gift for beach lovers! Check it out here, (also a great present for the chicks!)

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