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Solarez Polyester Microlite 2oz Tube

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✓ Lightweight, Strong, Sandable Filler
✓ Formulated especially for surfboard [urethane] foam repair
✓ For deep dings
✓ Lightweight and easy to sand
✓ Cures either by UV light in approx 3 minutes or by MEKP catalyst in 30 minutes
✓ Comes with 60/240 grit sand pad and spreader card
✓ Not for use on Styrofoam (EPS).


Since the 80’s, Solarez has diversified to over 20 formulas, radically improving (and cleaning) the manufacturing of sporting composites, cabinetry, music instruments, fly fishing, jewellery, hobbies and crafts and paving the way of exciting new technologies like 3D printing. Our products excelled in sales around the world and this is clearly a function of quality. In times like these, people scrutinize all the more and we have prevailed. We thank everyone in the some 36 countries that we service. It’s an honor.