Our Steamer Picks

Our Steamer Picks

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 With the constant north-east winds that the East Coast has had in the last few days, water temperatures are taking a dive... It's definitely time to grab yourself a steamer, or update your old one. 

Not sure where to start?

We have pulled together some of our staff favourites across a few different budgets and features. 


If stretch is the most important factor, then you can't go past the Hyperfreak. 
It feels like freedom.
Claimed by O'Neill's test pilots to be the most comfortable, flexible wetsuits they've ever worn, by a mile. Featherlight pre-stretched TB3-X neoprene, combined with a hydrophobic super stretch TB3 neoprene.
This exclusive technology allows you to perform at the highest level with construction so light, you'd swear you were surfing naked.  

Essentially it is the lightest and stretchiest suit in this list.

It's also available in 4/3 in both Womens and Mens.


More concerned about staying warm?
Opt for a wetsuit like Billabong's Furnace model.
The fullsuit is lined with incredibly lightweight and heat-conductive Graphene-infused yarns, now made from 100% recycled fibers.  

 It's sure to keep you toasty on those winter mornings.


Looking for the best value suit?

It's got to be the Vissla 7 Seas.
High performance, low price.
Plus, unlike many brands, Vissla have held their prices this year.
No price increase means it's better for your wallet, without compromising on quality.


On a budget but still want to get the best suit possible?
The O'Neill Focus has all the key features you need.
It features a chest zip, wind-proof rubber panels, lining, and ultra-flex arms.

3/2 or 4/3?

This determines the thickness of your suit.  
 3/2 means 3mm from the chest down, and 2mm on the shoulders and arms.
Some brands vary but this is the general rule.
4/3 and up follows the same principle.  
 If you're surfing locally (South Coast - Central Coast), a 3/2 would service you for 9 months out of the year, from Autumn to Summer.
Some days closer to summer though it will be too hot, and there will be a few winter westerlies where it may not cut it.
 If you're surfing further south than Eden NSW or feel the cold you'll want to grab a 4/3. This will see you through those colder months.


For those who want something environmentally friendly, it has to be Patagonia.
 The only Fair Trade Certified™ suits - they’re made with 85% Yulex® natural rubber/15% synthetic rubber by polymer content.
 The price may be higher, but the quality is also. 
The R Series is designed to be the warmest and the most durable on the market.
 Plus, Patagonia has free repairs on all their products, so while it may be an investment at first, it's going to pay off in the long run.


DON'T FORGET... all wetsuit companies have extended warranties.
You can see details for each warranty on the tags when you purchase. Be sure to hang onto your receipt so if you do run into any issues, we can help you resolve the problem.


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