How to find the perfect bikini fit for you!

How to find the perfect bikini fit for you!

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Photo: Courtesy of Billabong, ft the Block Party Triangle Top and Block Party Biarritz Bottom

Shopping for Bikini’s can be a difficult and often frustrating experience, especially if you’re not finding the support, coverage or fit that you need in the first 20 pairs! We have an experienced team with heaps of training and knowledge on the best swim fit, depending on your body shape and needs, and one thing we've learnt is everyone is different!

The most important thing to consider when buying a bikini, is how much coverage and support do you want/need? This is crucial to think about before you start trying on, as it will save a lot of time and hassle. If you have a bigger bust and a small waist, you’ll probably need to go up a size for coverage, which means looking for adjustable or tie backs. If you have a smaller bust but would like some lift, you’ll need to start looking at swim styles with booster pads in them, or bra styles that flatter the chest by giving shape and definition. To simplify things, here’s a run down of the different styles and the bust sizes they suit best.  

Triangle/Fixed Triangle

 Photo: Courtesy of Baku, ft. The Hacienda Twin Strap Bikini Top & Twin Strap Bikini Pant. 

The classic triangle shape is a staple in any bikini wardrobe, it’s versatile and easy to throw on, but gives limited coverage and support. Triangles typically fit an A – D cup, and are a good option to upsize for bigger busts that don’t need a lot of support. For example, if you’re a 10DD and would like to wear a triangle, like this Seafolly Slide Tri bikini top, try going up to a 12 or 14 for the extra fabric, which will provide better coverage. 

Fixed triangles can’t slide around whilst swimming, which is a bonus, but also limits their coverage and versatility. Often a fixed triangle will suit an A – C cup, like this Billabong Tanlines Fixed Tri. Fixed triangles have the benefit of support over the shoulder, taking the strain off your neck and allowing for an all day wear, as they can be paired with some high waisted shorts for a casual beach look. Some fixed tri's have a thicker band around the waist, for extra support, like the Billabong Cassy Stripe Tri Bikini. 


Photo: Courtesy of Billabong, ft. the Utopia Palm Bandeau Bikini Top

Bandeau styles are a gorgeous shape, typically worn strapless though there are styles that come with straps for extra support, as normally bandeaus are worn strapless, limiting them to A – D cups due to the minimal support they offer. If you’re after a more supportive bandeau look for styles with silicone grip tape and boning at the sides, such as the Seafolly Capri Sea Bandeau Bikini Top, pictured below. 

Photo: Courtesy of Seafolly, Ft. Capri Sea Bandeau Bikini Top

Balconette Bra

Photo: Courtesy of Arnhem Clothing, ft. Arnhem Island Balconette in Mimosa

Balconette’s are popular amongst smaller bust sizes as they add flattering curves using a classic comfortable shape that is great for an all-day wear. Balconette’s normally fit A – D cups, due to their shape any cup size larger risks bulging over the top or sides, resulting in an uncomfortable fit. When shopping for a balconette style we recommend looking for styles with adjustable and convertible straps like the Tigerlily Nilla Brigitte Underwire Bikini Top, this means you can wear it as a razorback style with the straps crossed over, or tie the straps together as a halter.


Photo: Courtesy of Seafolly, ft. the Safari Spot Twist Soft Halter Bikini Top. 

Halter styles like the option above are great for C – E cups, as the wide, soft adjustable tie backs are great for upsizing, so a bigger bust with a smaller waist/back can still get a great fit from these styles. 


Photo: Courtesy of Billabong, ft. the Paradiso Bra Bikini Top

Bra's and Bralette’s are the popular shape of the summer, as they can fit a great range of cup sizes, from A – E, depending on whether the style has a wire or not. Bra styles with a wire, such as the Baku Spot Booster Bra Bikini Top, are more suited to a C/D cup, as they offer support, and often have removable padding. Bralettes without a wire are a good fit for A - C, such as the Morning Light Bralette  Bikini Top, as they provide enough support and create a sporty, stylish look at the beach. These are also great for an all-day wear, functioning like a crop top! There are bralette’s with a wire in a crop style, like the Sunshine Check DD Bralette Bikini Top & the Sol Searcher DD Bralette Bikini Top, which are great for larger cup sizes, providing a good lift and heaps of coverage.



Photo: Courtesy of Baku, ft. the Spot Crossover Underwire Singlet Bikini Top

Tankini’s offer the support and style of a bikini top, with the extra fabric for those that want to cover up a bit more, they often have more support in them, such as this style, which allow you to find a greater fit and feel comfortable on the beach. Tankini’s often have ruching on the front, this allows extra stretch and provides flattering tummy control.

One Pieces

Photo: Courtesy of Arnhem Clothing, ft. the Island One Piece in Mimosa

Similar to the tankini, often one pieces will use power mesh and spandex throughout the whole costume for tummy control and to provide support and lift. One piece’s come with various types of support, but for those looking for lots of support around the bust, we recommend looking for one with internal shelf bras, wires, and thicker straps, as these will be much more comfortable for a bigger bust. Some great options we have one pieces include the Jets Ambrosia Tank One Piece, the Tangelo DD/E Cross Back One Piece,  and the Jets Classique DD Underwire One Piece. We have also started stocking swimmers that are mastectomy friendly, such as Parallels DDE  Overlay One Piece, which provides more coverage on the chest, with slots in the shelf bras for prostheses.

Big Cup Size Options

Photo Courtesy of Sea Level, ft. The Essentials Cross Front Multifit Bikini Top.

Bigger cup sizes can make it hard to find swim tops that are comfortable, and don't look like a bra. We always recommend going for brands or styles that are designed for DD+ sizes, especially ones with adjustable backs so you can upsize for more coverage or support. A great brand for larger cups sizes is Sea Level, who have beautiful classics with powermesh in everything, so you are guaranteed to feel comfortable and supported in their bikini's. The Essentials Cross Front Multifit Bikini Top is a best seller all year round, thanks to its flattering design. Because of it's popularity, it's also available in this floral pattern, and this warmer colour from the Namaste range.

Another handy thing to keep in ind when shopping for a larger cup size, is the adjustability of the top, if it has padding can it be removed to make more room? Is there an adjustable back on it? Does it have boning or a wire for support? 

We want everyone to feel comfortable and confident in their bikini, so if you have any concerns about a top, get in touch with our team and we can help you find the right bikini today!


Author: Kiara Robinson

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