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Wild Things

Speed Fin

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✓ "Speed fin is the ultimate all rounder. If you could only have one fin this would be it! 
✓ Balanced, versatile and ideal for critical surfing in the pocket when you need speed and control
✓ The swept outline and tapered tip provides drive, hold and release in all the right places
This fin is available in a range of sizes to suit most boards - choose fin height to match board length and tail width
 We have tested this on a wide variety of boards and a variety of tail shapes, it's incredibly versatile
 If you line this fin up with the right size board, we are pretty confident you will love it!
 Material: Volan Fiberglass

Wild Things is a small Australian company born in a derelict warehouse in the backstreets of Sydney before uprooting to Byron Bay. What started as a factory showroom for Gato Herói has grown into a diverse business with a huge range of activities going on under the one roof.
Wild things offers a variety of alternative surfboards with 40-60 boards in stock at any time. As the Australian distributors of Captain Fin and Octopus, we also have a large range of shortboard and single fins, deckgrips and more.