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Trace - Action Sports Tracker

Trace is a revolutionary action sports tracker that attaches to just about any flat surface.

Featuring high frequency GPS, 9-axis IMU and 8 hours of battery life, weighing 39 grams and about the size of an Oreo. Trace measures and analyses every movement, whether you're on the slopes or in the water.

✓ The Trace is fully interactive with your other devices.
✓ 8 hours of battery life
✓ High frequency GPS

Sync the Trace with your GoPro for automatically edited footage. In the Trace Mac App, The Trace identifies only the waves / runs and disregards the footage in between. The footage is then automatically colour and speed corrected, your stats are overlaid, and the individual clips are published to your Trace page - all organised by speed, distance, turns, etc.

✓ Trace - The Action Sports Tracker
✓ Mount (with industrial, waterproof 3M adhesive)
✓ Charging Base
✓ Charging Cable

It took four years of grit and sleepless nights to create a product they believe will change the way people participate in their sport. They started with AlpineReplay - a free stat tracking app for skiers and snowboarders. AlpineReplay, now called Trace Snow, has since become the most used, highest rated stat tracking app in the world.
But they wanted to bring their technology and expertise to the rest of the action sports community.