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The Surfboard Agency

Zombie Wolf Phantom Phlex Surfboard

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“The apocalypse is coming, be prepared. You need a weapon that’s easy to handle and delivers a crushing blow.”

✓ Contemporary Outline, modern, easy to Surf.
✓ Entry Rocker: Mid. Instant speed and carry over flatter sections.
✓ Exit Rocker: Mid. Fast release through turns. Surf Vert.
✓ Concave: Slight Single into Double. Speed Generation and control.
✓ Tail: Rounded Pin.
✓ Fin Set Up: 5 Fin. Thruster or Quad Option.

Lee Stacey

5’5 18 5/8 2 1/4 23.6
5’6 18 3/4 2 1/4 24.2
5’7 18 7/8 2 1/4 24.7
5’8 19 2 5/16 26
5’9 19 1/8 2 5/16 26.7
5’10 19 1/4 2 3/8 27.8
5’11 19 3/8 2 3/8 28.6
6’0 19 1/2 2 1/2 31.3
6’1 20 2 5/8 34.8
6’2 20 1/2 2 5/8 36.1
6’4 20 3/4 2 3/4 39.4
6’6 21 2 3/4 41


Phantom Phlex has unparalleled resistance and return to static due to our strategically placed combination of carbon and Ghost Weave (Inegra) composites produced exclusively for Stacey! Fast and responsive under feet.

SR GreenPoxy 56 is an epoxy resin which has up to 56% of its molecular structure coming from plant origin. This percentage is function of the carbon origin contained in the epoxy molecule.The final rate of the mix bio-based carbon content will depend on the hardener choice.

The manufacture of EPS foam does not involve the use of toxic isocyantes used in the production of regular surfboard blanks. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam is light weight and has fantastic shock absorbing properties, making it ideal for surfboards. EPS foam has more buoyancy and flotation increasing paddling speed and manoeuvrability.

The Surfboard Agency has teamed up with the first, independent 3rd party consumer-facing “eco-label” for boards, the ECOBOARD Project is focused on reducing  carbon footprints, increasing the use (and reuse) of renewable, recycled and up-cycled inputs, and reducing toxicity within the surfboard manufacturing process.


From humble beginnings in 2012 The Surfboard Agency has successfully created a premium quality surfboard supply solution and logistics network reaching all surf markets globally. With a passion for customer service and one of the strongest product knowledge backgrounds in the industry The Surfboard Agency has brought to life a unique business model. Through Rapid adoption of advanced systems, processes and technologies we’ve positioned ourselves to give our clients a competitive edge and to bring quality OEM surfboard manufacturing solutions to a wider retail market.

Key issues that have traditionally been a hindrance for surfboard supply such as margin, quality and damage in transit have been removed by combining traditional supply chain techniques with modern innovation. Through modern innovation we have removed large operating expenses enabling The Surfboard Agency to pass savings on to customers and in turn build healthy strategic partnerships in all surf markets.

The Surfboard Agency has positioned itself to provide a complete service solution and we specialise in providing a full turn key solution for surfboard supply from product development through to shipping and logistics! One of our key strengths is an exceptional working relationship with the Cobra factory in Thailand!

The Cobra factory over the past 40 years has established itself as premium manufacturer of composite products and due to the scale of their operation they have extremely high MOQ’s, lengthy drawn out and complicated product setup procedures and complex internal systems!

With a reputation for consistently high quality products Cobra traditionally have proven themselves difficult to work with and often fail at providing a full turn key solution for surfboard manufacturers and brands that simply don’t have the resources to successfully deal with a large scale manufacturer such as Cobra directly.