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Solarez Microlite White 15ml

- One part, no mixing.
- Light, easy to sand/shape
- Cures when exposed to UV light.
- Dual cure, can be catalyzed
- Gels in seconds and cures in minutes.
- Emits 95% less VOC's (vapours) than conventional cure systems.
- Denser, higher strength crosslinking.
- Millions of microbaloon fibres (approx the diameter of a human hair) are thoroughly wet out and evenly dispersed in every dose.
- Solarez is a Bubble-free mixture. Bubbles and un-wet fibres are fractures waiting to happen.

0.5 Oz/15ml

Solarez is the original sola curing brand that's been serving surfers repair needs for years! If you need quick, convenient repairs for fiberglass, plastics or wood this is your brand! Hardens in just 3 minutes when exposed to UV sunlight.