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Future Fins

Firewire Carbon Red 5 Fin Set

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The Firewire 5-fin set was designed with a solid carbon base to increase drive through turns, along with a bamboo/honeycomb core to create a lively flex for release. Though having a lot of surface area, these fins feel like a smaller set of fins when used as a thruster. When riding this set as a quad, the rear fins act as a pivot, giving you tighter radius than a traditional quad set.

✓ Light Strong Carbon Construction
✓ Allround high performance template 

Side Fin Height: 4.88" - Base: 4.46" - Area 15.71"²
Quad Rear Height 4.35" - Base: 4.10" - Area 12.85"²
Center Fin Height 4.60" - Base 4.39" - Area 14.88"

Future Fins are the strongest, lightest fins on the market. Futures scientific design maximise speed, power and control to revolutionise your surfing experience. Fins from the future...