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Future Fins

Stretch Honeycomb Blue/Yellow Quad Fin Set

Futures fin's Stretch Honeycomb Quad Fin Set was designed by Santa Cruz shaper William 'Stretch' Riedel. 'Stretch' wanted to create a fin that was fast and drivey, generating lots of speed through turns and difficult sections.

The Stretch Quad Fin Set features Futures fin's V2 foil on the front fins, and a lightweight Honeycomb construction. Creating the feel of glassed in fins, the Stretch Quad Fin Set from Futures fins is ideal for building speed and overall performance.  

✓  Tough, lightweight honeycomb construction.
  Medium flex pattern, allowing some flex.
  V2 foil for generating speed and controlled turns.
✓ Ride number 7.2 (Balanced speed generating and control) 

Medium (145lbs - 195lbs) (65kg - 88kg)

Front fins: Height: 4.39" Base: 4.34" Area: 14.52"
Rear fins: Height: 4.00" Base: 3.88" Area: 12.39"

Future Fins are the strongest, lightest fins on the market. Futures scientific design maximise speed, power and control to revolutionise your surfing experience. Fins from the future...