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Future Fins

Haydenshapes 2 V2 Generation Series Smoke Tri Fin Set

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Futures Fin's HS2 V2 Gen Series Smoke Tri Fin Set offer all the speed that you need while maintaining an element of control. Combined with a V2 foil, the HS2 V2 Gen Series Smoke Tri Fin Set offers controlled release in critical turns. Ultimately, the HS2 V2 Gen Series Smoke Tri Fin Set is the template you want to surf fast and transition smoothly between turns.

The HS2 V2 Gen Series Smoke Tri Fin Set has a ride number of 8.3, meaning that this fin is better at generating speed.

✓ Lightweight, Strong Carbon/Honeycomb Construction.
✓ Allround high performance template.
✓ Ride number 8.3 (Balanced speed generating and control)

Medium (145lbs - 195lbs) (65kg - 88kg)

Side Fins: Height: 4.45"  Base: 4.45"  Area: 14.54"
Center Fin: Height: 4.45"  Base: 4.45"  Area: 14.54"

Future Fins are the strongest, lightest fins on the market. Futures scientific design maximise speed, power and control to revolutionise your surfing experience. Fins from the future...