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Future Fins

Controller Fiberglass Smoke Quad Fin Set

The Controller is a Quad Fin Setup designed specifically for the classic, wide-tailed retro board.  The Controller Quad’s fiberglass material, V2 foil and large surface area create both maximum drive and control while the fin will have a skatey feel in smaller conditions.

✓ Light Fiberglass Construction
✓ Allround high performance template
✓ Ride number 5.1 (Balanced speed generating and control) 

Large (180lb+) (80kg+)

Front fins: Height: 4.50" Base: 5.05" Area: 18.24"
Rear fins: Height: 4.53" Base: 3.89" Area: 12.06"


Future Fins are the strongest, lightest fins on the market. Futures scientific design maximise speed, power and control to revolutionise your surfing experience. Fins from the future...