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Taylor Jensen 2 + 1 Techflex

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The Futures Fins Taylor Jensen 2+1 Techflex Longboard Fins were designed in partnership with two-time WSL World Longboard Champion Taylor Jensen.

His signature approach combines the best of high performance longboarding and traditional noseriding, and this fin set suits him to a tee. This set is intended to be ridden as a thruster with the Techflex materials providing highspeed stability, while the center fin allows for maneuverability with a soft flex pattern through the tip.

The Futures Fins Taylor Jensen 2+1 Techflex Longboard Fins is an ideal longboard fin setup for surfers of all ability levels and styles!

 Lightweight, Strong Honeycomb Construction.
 Stiff base with soft flex through tip for increased response.
Front fins flat foil. Rear fins 50/50 foil. 

Front Fins: Base: 4.33mm - Height: 2.26mm - Area: 13.6mm2
Rear Fin: Base: 2.56mm - Height: 6.88mm - Area: 16.13mm2

Future Fins are the strongest, lightest fins on the market. Futures scientific design maximise speed, power and control to revolutionise your surfing experience. Fins from the future...