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The Spitfire’s ground breaking design incorporated the combination of speed, manoeuvrability and firepower. This made it a formidable fighterplane and a much loved British icon with it’s beautiful lines.

Smik has adopted the name Spitfire, as these boards boards carry the same attributes. Beautiful lines that create powerful, tight turns that contain and project speed.

The spitfire has evolved with some subtle changes that have made a considerable difference.

Rocker has become a more continuous curve over it's previous incarnation, which has resulted in a faster livelier ride.

Rail profile and volume has also been slightly altered with mid section volumes remaining similar but tail rail volume being thinned out a little bit. (Without compromising stability or becoming too knifey at slower speeds)

Outline curves have also altered slightly with the hip being brought a little further forward to more between the feet, but not being pulled in too much in the nose making the board unstable.

Blah Blah Blah.....So what does all this mean?

Well. Ultimately she's smoother and faster, with just a really nice balanced feel from paddling to turning to stroking into a wave and that lovely initiation of rail sensation that doesn't have any hiccups.

But then when you push, the response and performance is enhanced. From small little gutless waves and generating speed, to being able to contain solid southern ocean groundswells, the spitfire is a more than capable all rounder.

Yes they are!

7'10" x 28.5" Wide | 102 L
8'3" x 29.5" x 111 L
8'6" x 30" x 125 L
8'8" x 31.5" x 135 L
9'5" x 32" x 151 L

Full PVC carbon wrap performance boards with unmatched strength to weight characteristics.

IMPACT strength is phenomenal with rails, nose and tail being reinforced with extra layers of carbon.
SNAPPING strength is also extremely resilient,with no failures to this point, (Delimitation/ creasing/snapping) tested in a variety of heavy South West Australian waves.
The technique for wetting out the cloth ensures no "dryspots" which is the reason why a board may delaminate.
All of this while maintaining lightweights and providing the optimum flex/ reflex response when pressure is applied through the board.

​Smik stand up paddle is the result of over 25 years experience of Scott's involvement within the windsurf and stand up paddle industry. (Professional windsurfer for 16 years. 2004 world wave sailing champion) Arguably the first person to bring a SUP into Australia, he was an integral part of developing (design and testing) one of the worlds first production board ranges, which grew to be the worlds largest. (Starboard)