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Sharkbanz 2

Slate Black
Slate Azure
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Designed for beachgoers, swimmers and surfers, Sharkbanz use patented magnetic technology developed by marine biologists to deter predatory shark species.
 EFFECTIVE - Technology based on proven science, published research and testing
 SIMPLE - No batteries, no charging; always on   
 AFFORDABLE - Safety for everyone
 STYLISH - Ergonomic design and premium materials for enhanced comfort
 Worn on Ankle or Wrist
 Universal Fit - Ages 5+
 Dive, Swim, Surf - 100m/330ft
 TSA and Airline Travel-Friendly
 Magnetic Shielded Box for Safe Storage
 Weight: 85 g.
 Warranty: This product is fully guaranteed against faulty workmanship and materials for 1 year


After three years of testing, design, development, head scratching, wiping-the-slate clean, more testing, and close encounters with our toothy amigos, we released the first version of Sharkbanz (V1) on January 1, 2015. Throughout the process, we were committed to four principles that make Sharkbanz Technology right for just about anyone: effective, simple, affordable, and stylish. These principles still guide our company values and product development today, which is why we believe whether you live by the ocean or only visit a few times a year, Sharkbanz are the solution for peace of mind in the seven seas.

For years, we sat on our surfboards in murky water, wondering what lurked below. We dove reefs and swam helplessly next to 10 foot Sand Tiger Sharks, hoping for the best. The ocean remains the last frontier on our planet, but we couldn’t believe that in the 21st century, no user-friendly solution existed to help ease our mind and offer protection. After a particularly spooky day of nervous laughter and conversations about the weather to avoid the pointy subject, my father and I decided to do something about it. 

- NATHAN GARRISON, Co-Founder Sharkbanz