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Double Diamond XF Surfboard

Fin System
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The double diamond is a small wave board with range that paddles well, drives over the dead sections, and can also fit into the pocket.

It’s slightly curved planshape and diamond tail negates that overly stiff feel that wide straight swallow tails can get. These lines allow the board to be pumped for speed and snapped hard in the pocket. The 5 fin configuration extends on it’s versatility.

The double concave in the tail adds the bite that is needed to give grip when the waves get a little bigger.

EPS Technology
Built using the latest in EPS/Epoxy materials; the XF technology combines a lightweight EPS core with Biaxial Fibreglass Cloth and Epoxy Resin: Biaxial Fibre Glass has about half of its fibres aligned along the length of the cloth (0 degrees) and about half across the cloth (90 degrees) lending itself as a perfect option for creating a controlled flex pattern. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam is a version of polystyrene foam typically found in the core of Firewire surfboards.

Note: Only FCS II available

Knee to Over high.

All Webber surfboards comes in either FCSII or Futures fin system, simply note your preference in the order comments when checking out! Not sure which way to go? Get in touch today!

No, however special deals available!

Logo and fin box colour vary.

Greg Webber is a non-stop innovator and shaper for top surfers all over the planet. Greg started shaping Styrofoam boards at age 10 which led to him starting Insight surfboards with Rod Dahlberg at Angourie, where they made boards for Many pro surfers like: Richard Cram, Greg Day, Joe Engel. Insight moved to Sydney and sponsored guys like Barton Lynch, Mike Rommelse, Shane Herring, while making boards for other pro surfers like Shaun Tomson, Sunny Garcia and Kelly Slater. Greg re-founded Webber surfboards in 1996 back at Yamba and then moved back to Sydney in 2004 to continue to build Webber surfboards. Webber Surfboards sponsored Taj Burrow and shaped boards for guys like Andy Irons, Damien Hobgood, Chris Ward, Josh Kerr.

5’4 19 1/4 2 1/8 24
5’6 19 1/2 2 1/4 27
5’8 19 3/4 2 3/8 29
5’10 20 2 1/2 32
6’0 20 1/4 2 5/8 35
6’2 21 1/4 2 11/16 39
6’4 21 1/2 2 3/4 42
6’6 21 3/4 2 3/4 44
6’8 22 2 3/4 46
6’10 22 1/4 2 13/16 48
7’0 22 1/2 2 7/8 51