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H-Bomb II Epoxy Surfboard

Alt I
Alt II
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 The H-Bomb II is a small wave down the line special with less rocker and a forward wide point easily allowing surfing this board a good 6 - 8 inches shorter than your average all-rounder.
 Parallel rails from wide point to tail provide plenty of drive through the deadest of sections, combine this with a smooth V and rounded pin tail for easy rail to rail speed generating manoeuvrability.
 Extra tail area allows a Five-End set-up for tri and quad sessions.


5'8 - 31.63 L
5'10 - 33.08 L
6'0 - 35.99 L
6'2 - 37.66 L


Hot Buttered – est. 1971
Manufactured and Distributed around all oceans. 

HB founder Terry Fitzgerald was among the surfer/craftsmen of the 1970s and ‘80s pioneering faster short-board and mini-gun surfing with hand shaped designs that reflected the experiences of his professional surfing career and distinctive style honed at international surf breaks. 

TF’s hand shaped Rainbow Surfboards infused with the timeless airbrush art of Martyn Worthington marked a new era for the surfing industry. Original Rainbows continue to be shaped and mural finished on the Northern Beaches of Sydney for the free style surfer and the perfect waves around the globe. 

Now spanning nearly 50 years of product development and technology evolution, Hot Buttered supports local and international cross-surf disciplines, events and sponsorships of professional riders and ambassadors in surfing, bodyboarding and skateboarding. 

Hot Buttered is proud of its surfing roots, the evolution of its surfing team, the craftspeople and creatives, each contributing individual talents that shape the HB product range. HB continues to evolve combining creative interaction with development, vision and performance into the future whilst committed to a quiet ethic of discovery, freedom of spirit and the eternal mysteries to be discovered in surf adventure travel.