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Prowave LTD 2015 SUP

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Prime performance with your ProWave. 2015 sees the ProWave range take SUP wave riding to the next level, with shapes that complement a rider's search for radical manoeuvres, speed and control.

✓ Shortboard / performance nose outline and performance squash tail
✓ Pulled down thin rails for maximum carving
✓ Hard release edges in the tail and softer in the nose
✓ Slightly domed deck for maximum stability blending seamlessly into the thin rails
✓ Single concave entry, transitioning into a single / double concave mid section through to the tail, enhancing speed and lift
✓ The new bottom and rail shape provides ultimate grip allowing for smaller fins
✓ Real surf scoop rocker line with added nose kick, to prevent any nose diving
✓ Quad / Thruster fin setup with 5 Futures boxes

Throughout the main range five fin boxes allow both Quad and Thruster combos for a choice of drive and turning speed setups. (Semi-Gun is Thruster only.) Using CAD technology we’ve sculpted a balanced volume distribution and narrower forward outline with less wind resistance and less swing weight in the nose.

A continuation of the successful scoop rocker line, with extra nose kick, prevents pearling on late drops and aids recovery from radical turns. The flat deck flows into pulled-down rails for superior grip and the Mono Concave entry blends into a V Double Concave that paddles easily and catches waves as smoothly as much longer boards. For ultimate freedom the compact squash tail outline ensures your back foot’s planted over the fins as soon as you take the drop. Carve hard and race down-the-line – you won’t even feel what’s under your feet.

Fanatic is an iconic brand founded in 1981, with three decades of Boardriding history. Pioneering innovation and design, they are considered one of the world’s leading watersports brands. Fanatic pride themselves on constant evolution, creation of new concepts, and technological standards.

9’2” x 30.5”
9’6” x 31.25”
130 l
153 l